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Coming Real Soon Now: My FINAL Nokia Post _TOP_

Coming Real Soon Now: My FINAL Nokia Post :::

Coming Real Soon Now: My FINAL Nokia Post _TOP_

Coming Real Soon Now: My FINAL Nokia Post

I have been a loyal Nokia fan for over a decade, ever since I got my first Nokia phone, the 3310. I have witnessed the rise and fall of the Finnish company, from its glory days as the undisputed leader of the mobile industry, to its struggles with Windows Phone and its eventual acquisition by Microsoft.

I have also followed the rebirth of Nokia under HMD Global, the company that licensed the Nokia brand and started making Android smartphones with the iconic name. I have reviewed some of their devices, such as the Nokia 9 PureView, the Nokia 8.3 5G, and the Nokia G50. I have admired their commitment to Android One, their timely updates, and their affordable prices.

But I have also been disappointed by some of their choices, such as their lack of innovation, their confusing naming scheme, and their delayed launches. I have been waiting for a true flagship phone from Nokia for years, a phone that can compete with the likes of Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. A phone that can showcase the best of Nokia's heritage and vision.

And that phone is supposed to be the Nokia 10, or the Nokia X60, or whatever they decide to call it. The phone that has been rumored for three years now, but has never seen the light of day. The phone that is supposed to have a groundbreaking camera system, a powerful processor, a stunning design, and a long-lasting battery.

But where is it When will it come out Will it ever come out These are the questions that haunt me every time I see a new leak or rumor about the elusive device. I have been holding on to hope for so long, but I am starting to lose faith. I am starting to wonder if Nokia still has what it takes to make a flagship phone in 2023.

That's why I have decided to write this post, my final post about Nokia. I am tired of waiting, tired of speculating, tired of being let down. I am ready to move on, to explore other options, to find a new phone that can meet my needs and expectations.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Nokia, and I still respect what they have done for the mobile industry. I still wish them all the best, and I hope they can find their way back to the top someday. But for now, I am saying goodbye to Nokia, at least until they prove me wrong and surprise me with a phone that can blow me away.

So this is it, my final Nokia post. Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions with me over the years. Thank you for being part of this journey with me. Maybe we'll meet again someday, when Nokia finally releases the phone we've been waiting for.

Until then, farewell. aa16f39245


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