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Andro Melos Download Movies

Andro Melos Download Movies ===>

How to Download Andro Melos Movies Online

Andro Melos is a Japanese tokusatsu television miniseries produced by Tsuburaya Productions, aired in TBS from February 28 to April 29, 1983 on weekdays. [^1^] The miniseries features the adventures of Andro Melos and his team of Andro Super Warriors, who fight against the evil Gua Army and their monsters in outer space. [^2^]

If you are a fan of Andro Melos and want to watch or download the movies online, here are some tips and options for you:

The official YouTube channel of Tsuburaya Productions has uploaded the first 15 episodes of Andro Melos with English subtitles. You can watch them for free on YouTube or use a video downloader tool to save them on your device. [^3^]

You can also find some fan-made websites that offer Andro Melos movies for streaming or downloading. However, be careful of the quality and legality of these sources, as they may contain viruses, malware, or copyright violations.

Another option is to buy or rent the DVD or Blu-ray discs of Andro Melos from online stores or physical shops. You can enjoy the high-quality video and audio of the movies, as well as some bonus features and extras. However, this may be more expensive and less convenient than online streaming or downloading.

Andro Melos is a classic tokusatsu series that has influenced many other works in the genre. If you are interested in watching or downloading Andro Melos movies online, you can try any of the methods mentioned above. However, always respect the rights and efforts of the original creators and producers, and avoid illegal or unethical sources.

Who are the Andro Super Warriors

The Andro Super Warriors are a group of heroes who wear the Cosmo Tector, a special combat armor that grants them enhanced abilities and weapons. They are members of the Andro Defense Force, an organization formed by the Andro People, a race similar to the Ultra Warriors from Nebula M78. The Andro Defense Force was established under Zoffy's advice to maintain peace in outer space.

The original Andro Super Warriors consist of four members: Andro Melos, Andro Mars, Andro Wolf, and Andro Floru. Each of them has a distinctive color and weapon that reflects their personality and fighting style. They also have their own vehicles that they use to travel in space.

Andro Melos: The leader of the team and the main protagonist of the series. He wears a green armor and wields a sword called Melos Blade. He is brave, loyal, and righteous. He rides the Andro Boat, a spaceship that can transform into a giant robot called Andro Guard.

Andro Mars: The second-in-command and the best friend of Melos. He wears a red armor and wields a gun called Mars Gun. He is hot-blooded, passionate, and courageous. He rides the Andro Bike, a motorcycle that can fly in space.

Andro Wolf: The third member and the mysterious one of the team. He wears a blue armor and wields a whip called Wolf Whip. He is cool, calm, and intelligent. He rides the Andro Gyro, a helicopter that can hover in space.

Andro Floru: The fourth member and the only female of the team. She wears a yellow armor and wields a bow called Floru Bow. She is gentle, kind, and compassionate. She rides the Andro Flower, a flower-shaped spaceship that can emit beams of light.

What are the challenges they face

The Andro Super Warriors face many enemies and threats in their mission to protect the universe from evil. Their main adversary is the Gua Army, a ruthless regime led by Juda Spectre, who seeks to conquer all planets and destroy all life forms. The Gua Army has many minions and monsters under their command, such as Ace Killer, King Joe Black, Tyrant, Bemstar, Doragory, Gudon, Twin Tail, Zetton II, Alien Baltan Jr., Alien Magma II, Alien Babarue II, Alien Hipporito II, Alien Temperor II, Alien Zarab II, Alien Nackle II, Alien Guts II, Alien Metron II, Alien Bado II, Alien Icarus II, Alien Shaplay II ,and many more.

The Andro Super Warriors also encounter other challenges a


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