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The Industries Plagued By The Most Uncertainty Harvard Business Review UPD


The causes of demand uncertainty may result from inherent qualities of the business and its customer base, or from external factors. Seasonal fluctuations, for example, are a type of inherent uncertainty, although industries that experience seasonal fluctuations can often use records from past years to anticipate and estimate the current seasonal shift. Businesses with a very innovative product or service will face a great deal of demand uncertainty, simply because their uniqueness means that there is no track record from which to draw conclusions about demand.

Target stood out as a leader among competitors in 2020, during a year in which the entire retail industry was plagued by uncertainty and unforeseen challenges. In a May call with investors, Target CEO Brian Cornell said that the unprecedented volatility in the first quarter of 2020 presented the most extreme test of our business...

If your business is pigeonholed into certain area, then it might be hit hard. Many consumers spend money only on essentials during times like this. Very specified industries will be hurt. Harvard professor Michael E. Porter noted that diversification is most effective when combining activities that are related and reinforce each other, rather than a collection of isolated activities. 153554b96e


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