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Rundll Fix Wizard Serial Number: A Simple Solution for a Complex Problem

antivirus programs are constantly finding and stopping new threats and provide useful information that can be shared with other people on the web. data loss prevention (dlp) is a collaborative effort from multiple vendors and agencies that provides secure, compliant and efficient data access and management.

Rundll Fix Wizard Serial Number

if you attempt to enumerate cas with ioleclientsite::getprimarysite, or ioleclientsite::getsecondarysite, or ioleclientsite::getsites, you may encounter a cryptographicexception with the error code 0x80090005. the fix is to call the enumcertificatesets function from the certenumcertificatesetsw function.

so in this setup, framework adds two new apis to make it easy for developers to test and be sure that their application exhibits correct behavior in the face of what it thinks are errors, instead of silently producing the wrong results. first,.net framework 3.5 sp1 or later adds the new certenumcertificatesetsw, which is provided to enumerate the installed cas.

in this particular case, the cryptoapi provides and interface for use in cryptographic operations. in a very basic setup, the cryptoapi is implemented using unmanaged code, which of course has drawbacks. so in this release, framework 4.5 provides the equivalent functionality using managed code, providing a new overload for.5. the.5 also exposes the certenumcertificatesetsw function, which allows developers to get a handle to the certificate store and its configuration.

you should not have to call certgetcertificatecontextproperty if you are not using the %programdata%\certificate\chain\engines\pfxca\1.0 value. a high-percentage of commands and scripts that generate crls will not need the property and can throw the same error as shown above.


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