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Ninja Warrior Games: Learn the History and Culture of the Ninja while Having Fun

Ninja Warrior Games: How to Train Like a Shinobi and Conquer Any Obstacle


If you are a fan of action-packed TV shows, you have probably heard of or watched Ninja Warrior, a series of obstacle course competitions that test the physical and mental abilities of the contestants. The show originated in Japan as Sasuke, and has since spawned several international versions, such as American Ninja Warrior, Ninja Warrior UK, and Australian Ninja Warrior.

Ninja warrior games are not only entertaining to watch, but also inspiring and challenging to participate in. They require a combination of skills, such as balance, strength, agility, and endurance, that can push anyone to their limits. They also evoke the spirit of the ninja, the legendary warriors of feudal Japan who were known for their stealth, cunning, and mastery of various arts.

ninja warrior games

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But how can you prepare yourself for such a demanding and exhilarating experience? How can you train like a shinobi (ninja) and conquer any obstacle that comes your way? In this article, we will give you some background information on the history of ninjas, some examples of ninja warrior obstacles, and some tips on how to master them. Whether you are planning to compete in a ninja warrior game, or just want to improve your fitness and have fun, this article will help you achieve your goals.

History of Ninjas

Origins of the ninja

The history of ninjas mainly takes place during the Sengoku Jidai (age of the warring states), which began in the 15th century. By this time, Japan was divided into several feudal domains that were constantly at war with each other. The need for espionage, sabotage, and assassination gave rise to the ninja, who were specialized agents hired by samurai lords and governments.

The origins of the ninja are shrouded in mystery and legend. Some sources claim that they descended from a demon that was half man and half crow. Others suggest that they originated from China, where some elites fled after the collapse of the Tang dynasty in the 10th century. The most likely scenario is that they evolved from various groups of warriors, monks, farmers, and outcasts who practiced guerrilla warfare and unconventional tactics.

The most famous and active ninja clans were Iga and Koga, who lived in the mountainous regions of central Japan. They developed their own schools (ryu) of ninjutsu (the art of the ninja), which included skills such as disguise, deception, infiltration, weaponry, poisons, explosives, and survival. They also had a unique code of conduct that differed from the samurai's bushido (the way of the warrior).

Roles and skills of the ninja

A ninja had two main roles: as an assassin and as a spy. As an assassin, they used stealth and surprise to eliminate their targets, often with exotic weapons such as shuriken (throwing stars), blowguns, poisoned needles, or kusarigama (sickle and chain). As a spy, they gathered intelligence on enemy movements, plans, fortifications, and speed, and power. It can be challenging for shorter or heavier contestants, who may need to use a trampoline or a ramp to gain more height. The warped wall is usually placed near the end of the course, adding more pressure and excitement to the game.

Salmon ladder

The salmon ladder is one of the most difficult and impressive obstacles in ninja warrior games. It is a vertical structure that consists of two parallel bars and several rungs that are spaced apart. The contestants have to hang from a movable bar and use their upper body and core strength to lift the bar up and hook it onto the next rung, while keeping their balance and momentum. The salmon ladder tests the contestants' strength, coordination, and endurance. It can be exhausting and frustrating for many contestants, who may lose their grip or miss the rungs. The salmon ladder is often combined with other obstacles, such as monkey bars, flying bar, or rope climb, making it even more challenging.


The cliffhanger is one of the most nerve-wracking and demanding obstacles in ninja warrior games. It is a horizontal structure that consists of several narrow ledges that are attached to a wall. The ledges vary in width, angle, and distance, forcing the contestants to adjust their grip and position. The contestants have to hang from the ledges with their fingertips and move along them without falling or touching the ground. The cliffhanger tests the contestants' grip strength, agility, and concentration. It can be terrifying and painful for many contestants, who may slip or cramp their fingers. The cliffhanger is often placed in the later stages of the course, increasing the difficulty and stakes of the game.

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Flying bar

The flying bar is one of the most spectacular and thrilling obstacles in ninja warrior games. It is a horizontal structure that consists of several bars that are suspended from cables and can swing back and forth. The bars are spaced apart, requiring the contestants to jump from one to another. The contestants have to hang from a bar and use their upper body and timing skills to swing and release the bar at the right moment, while aiming for the next bar. The flying bar tests the contestants' strength, reflexes, and courage. It can be risky and unpredictable for many contestants, who may miss or overshoot the bars. The flying bar is usually placed at the end of the course, adding more drama and suspense to the game.

Ninja Warrior Tips

How to master the warped wall

The warped wall may seem intimidating at first, but it can be mastered with some practice and technique. Here are some tips on how to master the warped wall:

  • Start with a running start from a distance that is comfortable for you. You want to build up enough speed and momentum to propel yourself up the wall.

  • As you approach the wall, lean forward slightly and plant your dominant foot firmly on the ground. Use your arms to swing forward and upward, as if you are throwing a ball.

  • Push off with your dominant foot and jump as high as you can towards the wall. Aim for a spot that is slightly above your eye level.

  • As you reach the wall, extend your arms and legs outward and touch the wall with your feet first. Use your feet to push yourself higher up the wall.

  • As you reach the top of the wall, bend your arms and legs inward and grab onto the ledge with both hands. Pull yourself up quickly and celebrate your victory.

How to climb a rope fast and effectively

Rope climb is a common obstacle in ninja warrior games that requires stamina and technique. Here are some tips on how to climb a rope fast and effectively:

  • Choose a rope that is thick enough for you to grip comfortably, but not too thick that it will tire your hands quickly.

  • Use a foot lock technique that works for you. There are different ways to wrap your feet around the rope, such as S-wrap, J-wrap, or Spanish wrap. Experiment with different methods and find one that suits your preference.

  • Use your legs more than your arms. Your legs are stronger than your arms, so use them to push yourself up the rope while your arms hold on to the rope.

  • Use a rhythmic motion that alternates between pulling with your arms and pushing with your legs. Try not to pause or rest too much between each movement.

  • As you reach the top of the rope, ring the bell or touch the platform with one hand while holding on to the rope with the other hand. Slide down carefully by releasing your foot lock gradually.

How to improve your grip strengthHow to improve your grip strength

Grip strength is essential for many ninja warrior obstacles, such as cliffhanger, flying bar, and salmon ladder. It is the ability to hold on to something with your fingers and hands,


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