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Pdf Of Ankush - The Command In Hindi


Pdf Of Ankush - The Command In Hindi

Apart from acting, Sharma supports a number of charities and causes. She walked the ramp to support Shabana Azmi's Mijwan Welfare Society, a Non-governmental organization that helps empower women.[116] In 2013, alongside other Bollywood actors, she pledged to support the education of India's young girls as part of NDTV's "Our Girls, Our Pride" fundraiser.[117] That same year, she appeared alongside other celebrities in a commercial, produced by the National Film Development Corporation of India, to create awareness about the 'Right to Education' for children.[118] In December 2014, Sharma auctioned the leather jacket she wore in Jab Tak Hai Jaan on eBay, with proceeds going to the redevelopment of the flood-ravaged states of Kashmir and Assam.[119] Sharma had also fronted a campaign to collect donations for the victims of the April 2015 Nepal earthquake.[120][121] She supports the annual Mumbai Film Festival, and donated money in its cause in 2015.[122] Sharma has been vocal about the disparity in the pay that actresses command, in comparison with their male counterparts in the film industry.[123][124] In 2016, she supported India's first transgender band, the 6-Pack Band (initiated by Y-Films), by providing a voice over in their first single, "Hum Hain Happy."[125]

Priya Gupta of The Times of India has said that "the best part of [Sharma's] stardom is that she does not have the trappings of a star."[130] Kalpana Nair of Firstpost stated: "actresses like Sharma command the respect they do in a largely conservative and male-dominated industry and the fact that their fan base grows when they take on roles that are not conventional is good reason for us to beam widely and walk with a spring in our step".[131] Samar Srivastava, writing for Forbes, called her "unafraid", and added: "you would be hard-pressed to associate Sharma with the stereotype of a mainstream leading lady."[132] The Times of India published that "..she never shies away from putting [her opinion] across."[133]

There is a triangle-mark on the left foot of Shri Hari. Its three angles suggest three types of troubles in the world. The contemplation of this mark can pacify Adhibhut (worldly troubles), Adhidaiva (troubles from dies-stars) and Adhyatmik (pains of the body) - these three types of troubles. The devotee who takes shelter at the feet of Lord Swaminarayan is always protected by him. The devotee who has full affection for Shri Hari always obeys his commands which detains and destroys all on-coming pains of the (material) body; and along with these panchbhauk (five types of material) pains are also prevented. The commands of Shriji Maharaj are so subtle and comprehensive that by obeying them all these pains and troubles are destroyed e.g. It has been ordered that on the occasion of Solar or Lunar eclipse one should chant Swaminarayan Mahamantra dhun and then are take bath. The atmosphere has a negative effect of the creation of five fundamental elements and pains caused by it to the mind and body of human beings. If you closely study the effect of eclipse during that period you feel somewhat discomfort. The activity of mantra jaap spreads spiritual vibration in the atmosphere and saves us from negative effects of the eclipse. By taking the bath finally the mind and the body become cool and quiet. In this way Shriji Maharaj saves us from all physical and material worldly troubles and pains. 1e1e36bf2d


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