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[S4E10] If Boys Were Girls

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[S4E10] If Boys Were Girls

After discovering from the last episode that she was pregnant again, Lois struggles with the morning sickness while Hal helps her. Hal also raises the question that Valentine's Day is approaching soon and is displeased that Lois isn't giving him any indication of what she wants for a gift. Lois states she doesn't remember the morning sickness lasting so long how says that she is much older now, just like himself and everyone else. Lois notices that her feet have become so swollen she will be needing clown shoes and cannot believe she's going through another pregnancy. Hal raises the question of if she'd rather have a girl or another boy. Just before Lois could answer, a crash is heard, Hal leaves to get the vacuum. Lois comes into the boys bedroom where there's a fight between Malcolm and Reese over a pen. She yells at the two older boys for the senseless fighting, pointing out they have a whole drawer full of plenty of pens and that they shouldn't have to fight over them. Dewey yells at them for breaking his Space Fighter toy, but Malcolm and Reese ignore him. He retaliates by shoving both of them to the bed. While the boys fight, Lois realizes the consequences of having to raise another brawling, misbehaving and disrespectful son. She starts imagining that they were girls named Mallory, Renee, and Daisy. Mallory asks Renee to not touch the pen. Renee thinks she's just being silly because she just wants to use it to do homework with and Daisy encourages her to tell the truth. Mallory reveals that there was a boy in her class who had a crush on her and chewed the top of the pen before dropping it on the floor. Renee apologizes for her insensitivity and hates being born dumb because her head would be useless without her great hair. Mallory tells her that she doesn't have to be a genius because she's sweet and thoughtful and it's what counts. She, Renee and Daisy reconcile, but the fantasy is broken when Malcolm decks Reese. Hal is in shock that Malcolm can take Reese but Lois is furious and yells at the boys again for misbehaving again. She points out that she can't have one moment of peace with their fighting and chastises Malcolm for assaulting his brother and Reese for taunting Malcolm to hurt him.

Sometime later while preparing to go shopping, Francis calls Lois for a favor because he has a $20 bet that one of his Mad TV Magazines says either Stagnum PI or Magnum PU. She doesn't have time to deal with him and hangs up. In the car, the boys ask Lois why they need to go shopping for clothes, Lois points out that the boys always ruin everything they own and doesn't want them reusing old clothes. She also mentions that new clothes don't appear in their drawers. Dewey points out that his does and Lois is wrong. While honking the horn for Hal to hurry up, Reese points out that she could always measure the boys instead of making them go shopping with her. He mentions that he's a medium and loves blue. Malcolm agrees, mentioning that Lois is just wasting her time in taking them shopping since they're taking them to the mall which they don't care about, for clothes they don't want to wear, for money she doesn't want to spend to look nice for everyone who hates the Wilkersons so much. He also mentions that it's Saturday. All Malcolm, Reese and Dewey wants to do is stay home and watch cartoons on TV. Annoyed with the boys' complaints, she switches back into her fantasy world where Mallory, Renee and Daisy are well behaved. They're just as excited to go shopping as Lois is. Renee asks if Lois can go with her to the jewelry section at Hannigan's to look at earrings. Daisy points out that she had asked Lois earlier if she can help look at tops. Mallory comes up with a great idea to make their shopping experiences more enjoyable. She suggests that Renee and Daisy takes the first floor at Hannigan's and she can go shopping with Lois on the next floor up to buy clothes. They can meet up at the pretzel plac


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