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America\'s Next Top Model Season 18 Episode 2

The eighteenth cycle of America's Next Top Model (subtitled as America's Next Top Model: British Invasion) premiered on February 29, 2012 and was the twelfth season to air on The CW. It occupied the time slot of the final two scheduled episodes of Remodeled.[1][2] This was the first American edition of Top Model to be filmed and broadcast in high definition (HD).[3] The cycle featured fourteen contestants, placing seven British models who had competed in previous cycles of Britain's Next Top Model alongside seven all-new American models.[1]

America\'s Next Top Model Season 18 Episode 2


After the elimination of the previous episode, The British girls pull a prank on Seymone by throwing paper balls at her while she sleeps, which leads to a clash between Seymone and the British girls. The next morning, Tyra visits the girls to teach and gives them their super model powers, or their "Intoxibella" powers, from her book Modelland. She also speaks to the girls about the "Super Mogul", which is about being a businesswoman and having other jobs related to modeling. Later, the girls meet Kelly Cutrone for their photo shoot, which is an ad campaign for Very. After the girls are divided into groups by nation, they assign themselves a concept for the photo shoot, a leader for the group, wardrobe, hair and make-up, props, and castings for male models which are done via Virgin Mobile.

In the beginning of the episode, some of the girls accidentally rip Laura's stuffed elephant, which was given to her by her deceased friend Kevin, and throw the ear into the swimming pool. Laura then displaces her anger towards Kyle, who was trying to help but instead pushes Laura over the edge. Later, All-Star winner Lisa D'Amato informs the models that they will have to perform in a group music video.

Also, in May 2022, Season 17 contestant Jasmin Jägers boycotted the live finale of season 17. Due to the bad experiences of former participants, she no longer wants to be associated with Germany's Next Topmodel.[85]

In August 2022 Marie Nasemann (contestant from Season 4) revealed that she suffers from the spinal condition Scoliosis. Back in 2009, during the fourth season, her Scoliosis was discussed at a casting for Samsung. The editors of Germany's Next Topmodel tried to make her cry because of her illness and she also reveals: "I found out years later that Samsung would have liked to book me, but from the production side it wasn't allowed".[90]

In August 2022 in the wake of allegations by former participants against Germany's Next Topmodel, the winner of the 14th season, Simone Kowalski, also spoke up as she said: "Top Model is very dangerous for today's and the previous generations! Many young women have mental trauma! Heidi says she's just being the hostess, but she has a responsibility to at least face the pain and trauma that has been inflicted on many girls!". Kowalski also teamed up with America's Next Top Model contestant Lisa D'Amato to talk about her traumatic experiences with Germany's Next Topmodel.[92] She said during the interview, that Germany's Next Topmodel made her sick: "They took everything from me, I almost lost my family, my friends, all my money. It was inhuman - they broke me mentally. I came on the show healthy and got sick." She also said that after the show she was forced against her will to work for Heidi Klum's father. To former contestants defending the show, she says: "Good for you, but not for everyone". In her opinion, Germany's Next Topmodel should be discontinued.[93][94]

In September 2022, the winner of the 4th season, Sara Nuru, joined the criticism of the show as she said: "I was not aware of how blatantly young women were treated there. It was as if I had blinders on, a lot is me I wasn't aware of it even as a participant. I'm still horrified by how young women are treated."[95] She added: "With the knowledge I have today, I would not take part in Germany's Next Topmodel again."[96]

In January 2023, the relentless criticism continued when former contestant Tessa Bergmeier (Season 4) criticized the Show and Heidi Klum live in front of an audience of millions during her participation in the 16th season of I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here. In a conversation with model Papis Loveday, she said: "They screwed me! I found it unfair. I had no idea what kind of light they wanted to put me in. They portrayed me as a bitch. [...] They made me a monster, I wasn't." Bergmeier describes Klum as "super-mega psycho. The devil is in her. [...] She laughs at little girls [...] A person who can torment others without any feeling of guilt. I couldn't continue modelling in Hamburg, no client wanted me anymore." Papis Loveday, who also worked on GNTM, added about Klum: "She only thinks of herself. Nobody can shine more than she does."[98][99]

In February 2023 at the beginning of the 18th season, Heidi Klum gave a 10-minute speech in which she denied all allegations against her and the show and blamed the candidates themselves. This was once again heavily criticized by both the viewers and the media in Germany. The Berliner Morgenpost wrote: "Everything is wrong, says Klum. She emphasized that 'everything is real' on her show. There is no text or storyline for the models. That's why it's not her fault if a young model feels misrepresented after the broadcast. 'We can only portray a person as they are,' philosophizes Klum. Whether this is true remains questionable. On the one hand, because a story can be cobbled together afterwards that doesn't have to have anything to do with reality. On the other hand, because in the show very young girls in absolutely exceptional and stressful situations meet experienced editors who know exactly what the viewers later want to see on television."[108] Die Welt called Heidi Klum's statement "bizarre".[109] Frankfurter Allgemeine called it a "Catwalk of Shame".[110] headlined: "Why Heidi Klum's statement is dishonest".[111] Annabelle (magazine) (Switzerland) headlined: "Heidi Klum, this justification went wrong".[112] In an article, Puls24 (Austria) asked whether Heidi Klum practiced perpetrator-victim reversal and Gaslighting.[113] Frankfurter Allgemeine headlined: "This woman only has dollar signs in her eyes" and also assumed that Heidi Klum was doing a perpetrator-victim reversal.[114] BILD asked: "How evil is Heidi Klum really?".[115]

Illinois-born Adrianne Curry became the country's first-ever next top model when the show aired its Cycle 1 finale on July 15, 2003. The laid-back brunette, then 20, modeled Baby Phat in the final challenge and beat out fellow finalists Shannon Stewart and Elyse Sewell to take home the crown.

Yoanna House was the next top model after Curry, winning the second cycle of ANTM in 2004. Known for her classic beauty and serious drive, the then-23-year-old Floridian beat out Mercedes Scelba-Shorte and Shandi Sullivan in the final days of the competition to win a modeling contract.

Eva Marcille Pigford, who later dropped her last name, was a busy model throughout the 2000s, appearing in magazines, ad campaigns, and runway shows. Marcille kept up with her reality TV roots, placing fifth on the VH1 horror competition show Scared Famous, and becoming a main cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for two seasons.

An active runway and print model years later, Gonzalez spends time mentoring the next generation of models through her "empowerment course," On Set With Jaslene, while also running her jewelry line, Starlite by J. She's also made TV appearances on The Tyra Banks Show, Oxygen's Running Russell Simmons, and Chicago Fire.

Shortly after her win, Gants appeared in the season 3 premiere of Odd Mom Out. The model revealed her passion for music to Billboard magazine before she began working as a DJ. Gants proceeded to model for Select Management and SMG Models.

Signed to Heffner Seattle and Photogenics LA, Coleman continues to model, working for Valentino, Alexander Wang, Vogue Italia, Skims, Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya, Calvin Klein, and more. The model/activist has also appeared in Dua Lipa's 2019 music video for "Don't Start Now" and in an episode of the Andy Cohen-hosted docuseries For Real: The Story of Reality TV.

Kinde brings up the other girls' problems with Elyonmi's attitude at the previous challenge, upsetting Elyonmi. Later, the eliminated girls return as models for the challenge, where the top five have to give them style makeovers and direct them in a lookbook shoot. Afterwards, it is revealed the eliminated girls will get a chance to return. Once all ten girls return to the house, tensions are high between everybody. At the photo shoot, all ten girls shoot in a surrealistic desert landscape. At the elimination ceremony, the episode ends in a cliffhanger as Yachana is about to reveal whether Nyakuoth or Taynara will receive a chance to return.

Winner of America's Next Top Model Season 10 was Whitney! A plus size model, she overcame great odds in this 10ths season of ANTM. It was a surprise to all, since top 3 was very strong this year with both Fatima and Anya showing great progress and getting lots of attention from judges. Congrats Whitney! This season we also saw a new judge - supermodel Paulina Porizkova.

This was the first season involving both male and female models, and Tyra wasted no time including the guys in the makeover shenanigans. Phil was the aspiring model to get the kooky end of the stick, with Tyra giving him long, wavy extensions (or what Phil called a "Jesus-surfer-Tarzan" look). She also waxed all of the mens' legs. No pain, no gain, guys!

It is the first season of America's Next Top Model to include more than fourteen contestants. It is also the first to have male contestants in the competition. Male contestants has happened previously in Spain's Supermodelo 2008 and Bosnia and Herzegovina's OBN Star Model.

Most people remember this episode for Denny's death, who has a much higher ranking on this list, but another crucial death happened in the episode "Losing My Religion" and that's the death of Doc the dog. Known for being a bit of a menace (especially to Izzie), Doc was a good boy and found a home with Addison (Kate Walsh) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and was very close with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). While his death might seem to be a just a blip in the grand cosmos of Grey's deaths, Doc's effect is still felt many years later. Even in up to the 15th season, Doc made an appearance among Meredith's deceased loved ones in "Flowers Grow Out of My Grave." 041b061a72


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