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Miles Lee

Download 1267 Rar

Am using FF - For the past approx 5 days, I have been downloading many zip and rar files. I have had no problems whatsever before the past week.Zip files are being downloaded correct, but .RAR files are a different story.When I click a link to download any kind of rar file, I get the download window asking if I would like to open the file or save to disk. Right away in this window, I find a problem at the beginning stating:"You have chosen to open (put file name here) which is a: Text Documentfrom: (website name here)"The document is certainly far from a .txt document, it is a rar file.At first, I tried to look into my FF Options to find under the Downloads tab: "Dowload Actions - Firefox can automatically download or open files of certain types." but where rar nor zip could be found. Ok.. so that's not it.I also thought it may have to do with my File Types... perhaps a program had edited what program I used for rar files (for whatever reason.. small possibility) - Everything is as it should and both zips and rars are set to open with WinAce.I then HAD to test to see if this was happening just in firefox, or both IE and FF... that way, I gathered this was a file type problem somewhere that I missed some how if both weren't working. Downloading RAR files works perfectly in IE. It even works fine using the IE extension in Firefox, but I download so many RAR files, I can't be bothered to always turn on my IE extension in firefox all the time in order to have it download properly. And unfortunetly, I refuse to turn IE back into my default browser.So here I am. At the end of things to think it could possibly. At the end of my searches to find no information.Would appreciate anyone's input on this issue. I'll try anything.. because this is an annoying issue.ThanksTans

Download 1267 rar

I don't believe (could be wrong of course) that server would be sending incorrect information since the RAR files can properly be downloaded with IE, but not firefox.....? Unless somehow, IE recognizes the problem, but not FF?Tans

#1989 - Fix download link on the website, thanks @seirui#1990 - Fix the program not creating a scheduled task when it was supposed to#1994 - DefaultValidationMode in settings.json was ignored, thanks @Thoorium#1991 - Fix use of the secret vault for the TransIP plugin, thanks @GJurriens

There isn't currently a Gradle API for downloading from a URL. You can implement this using Ant, Groovy, or, if you do want to benefit from Gradle's dependency resolution/caching features, by pretending it's an Ivy repository with a custom artifact URL. The unzipping can be done in the usual Gradle way (copy method or Copy task).

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