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that night, i got a call from my friend benjits parents who had just gotten home from his parents house, where they had fallen off the wall. benjits dad told me that benjits mom was taken to the hospital, and that his brother had gone to check on them. benjits mom had been sleeping, but woke up with a fever and they were taking her to the hospital, they didnt know what was wrong with her. benjits dad said they did not believe she had broken anything, so they werent sure why she was in the hospital. after a quick call to my parents, i decided i couldnt let this go by. i booked it up to index the next morning. i needed to get my mind right to get back out there.

if i was a younger man, this would have been the first time i had ever experienced this. however, the fact that the shirt is now complete only adds to the greatness of this story. where many may have discounted indexes legendary reputation and history, its the unknown stories that make it so special. the sandbagging, the leader who bribed for a move, the rope that was half tied and the lines that had not been clipped, the time when the climbers wives thought they had climbed an impossible route, and many other tales of the indescribable experience of this place. its a world of its own, one that i hope to tell for years to come.

as a community, index is more than just a place. it is a culture, a way of life that we all share and its the first place ive ever been where i felt this more than anywhere else. ive learned a lot from this place and ive learned a lot about myself. the climbing is solid, the people are amazing, and most importantly, the memories are priceless. 3d9ccd7d82


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