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Smart Launcher Pro 1.7.29


Smart Launcher Pro 1.7.29

As of September 9th, 2019 the following is the history of Pwnix Releases as reflected in the /opt/pwnix/chef/CHANGELOG file2019-09-09 -- version 1.9.19General:- Remove Louis gem (from public repo) dependency- Use patrous_fati gem from Pwnieexpress GitHub and not public Ruby gem repo- Remove portly2019-08-29 -- version 1.9.18General:- Perform backup before px-system-update- BlueHydra to sync all devices to Pulse and perform hard_reset before each sync- Hermes - renew expired certificates2019-06-25 -- version 1.9.17General:- Fix insight_api/api_endpoints/vulnerability_scanner.rb for px-openvas-report-fallback- Discard "N/A - Random Address" in BlueHydra scan2019-05-12 -- version 1.9.16General:- Fix OpenVas connection check in px-connection-dr script- Make use of /etc/lsb-release.conf file to determine OS version codename- Changes required for kalirepo update2019-01-16 -- version 1.9.15General:- GPG key expired on updates server- Created new key, signed images, replaced public key2018-06-05 -- version 1.9.14General:- Fix AD integration insight api plugin- Prune OpenVAS plugins after upgrade- Cleanup AD integration on deregistration from Pulse2018-04-09 -- version 1.9.13General:- Fix AD integration status reporting- Fix PwnScan and BlueHydra config parsing from Pulse- Fix update endpoint used by Pulse2018-04-06 -- version 1.9.12General:- Fix configuration updates for reverse shells from Pulse- Fix status reporting of shells to Pulse2018-04-02 -- version 1.9.11General:- InsightAPI ...updated local UI- InsightAPI fixed all reverse shells- InsightAPI added HTTP and Proxy type shells- InsightAPI added user management- Make reverse shells more reliable- Remove color from scripts exposed through web interface- Add ability to completely disable OpenVAS- Add error handling to system health check- Fix passive recon's OS detection log- Fix passive recon's HTTP log- PwnScan add current scans to context- PwnScan confirm IP rolled when coming from passive arp- PwnScan increase arpscan speed- Fix updating over reverse shells- Update all Ruby gems- PF dont respect AP updates that try to change bands2018-03-01 -- version 1.9.10General:- BlueHydra fix btmon parsing due to bitrot- BlueHydra info scan rate changed to 4 min from 1 minute- BlueHydra 3 minute granularity, sync every 3 minutes- BlueHydra stop unknown company_data flapping- BlueHydra prevent from DDOSing cloud with runtime failue loops- Remove CWIPS from updates- Remove Trihard from updates- Fix OpenVAS status endpoint in insight- Update PX scripts to properly hit insight endpoints- Remove kali1 migrations (shells)- Kismet slow down channel hopping- No longer install radiotap-signals- PwnScan fix OpenVAS endpoint- PF Handle multiple cloaked SSIDs- PF Add signal threshold for client and AP detection- PF Disregard channel 0- PF reduce message flapping2018-02-07 -- version 1.9.9General:- Fix upstream Kali key from improper rolling2018-01-12 -- version 1.9.8General:- Sensor Notifications adjust throttle to 1 per minute per event- Upgrade to Ruby 2.3.6- PwnScan add IP context cache for smarter scanning- PwnScan track dirty attributes; cache hook, change integrity check- PwnScan throttle remote target notifications once per run- PwnScan abstract DM rescues to function call instead of manual rescues everywhere- PwnScan fix dark magic voodoo nmap timeout parsing for smaller queues- PwnScan lower subnet scan timeout to 120- PwnScan smarter sync throttling to further prevent cloud race condition- PwnScan sync thread reduced to every 12 hours from every 1 hour- PwnScan add config flag for intrusive scans to be turned off- BlueHydra make sensor events optional for open source users- BlueHydra update parser to handle new version of BlueZ- BlueHydra automatically reject obviously bad data and warn- CWIPS handle disconnection from Kismet- CWIPS minor parse improvementMobile:- Dont install ifplugd2017-12-08 -- version 1.9.7General:- Remove Ardennais Plus definition- Add


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