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Mastering Possession in EA FC 24: Tactical Insights for Success

In the dynamic world of football, mastering possession is often the key to victory, especially in high-pressured scenarios like EA FC 24 Coins those encountered in the EA FC 24. In this article, we delve into some surprising yet effective custom tactics and strategies that can significantly enhance your team's ability to maintain possession, even when under intense pressure.

Width is Key

One of the fundamental principles of keeping possession is utilizing the width of the pitch effectively. By spreading your attack wide, you create more passing options and make it harder for the opposition to press effectively. Setting your width to a minimum of 60 provides your team with the necessary width to maneuver the ball efficiently, particularly utilizing wing-backs and wingers to stretch the opposition's defense.

Fast Buildup for Dynamic Movement

Opting for fast buildup as your tactic of choice can work wonders in keeping possession. This approach encourages your attackers to constantly move and find space to receive the ball, preventing them from being easily marked by defenders. The continuous movement of players facilitates quick passing sequences, allowing your team to navigate through the opposition's defensive setup with ease.

Direct Passing for Increased Options

Contrary to conventional wisdom, opting for direct passing can be advantageous when aiming to maintain possession. Direct passing encourages players to come towards the ball, offering themselves as passing options and ensuring that your team always has multiple options available. This approach is particularly effective when combined with fast buildup, as it keeps the ball moving swiftly and prevents the opposition from stifling your attacks.

Balanced Player Roles

When setting up your team, it's crucial to strike a balance between attacking and defensive responsibilities. Keeping the number of players in the box under five ensures that you have enough options to maintain possession while still maintaining defensive solidity. This allows your team to build up play patiently, with players providing passing outlets in various areas of the pitch.

Strategic Instructions

Instructions play a vital role in dictating how your team functions on the pitch. Opting for instructions such as balanced, false nine, and free roam can greatly aid in keeping possession. Balanced instructions ensure that your team maintains a cohesive structure both defensively and offensively, while false nine and free roam encourage players to move into space and offer passing options, thus keeping the ball moving fluidly.

Adapting to High-Press Situations

In the EA FC 24, high pressing is a common tactic employed by many teams. To counter this, it's essential to have alternative strategies in place to retain possession effectively. By utilizing the tactics and instructions outlined above, you can navigate through high-press situations with confidence, keeping the ball circulating and frustrating the opposition.


Mastering possession in the EA FC 24 requires a combination of tactical awareness, strategic planning, and adaptability. By implementing the custom tactics and strategies discussed in this article, you can enhance your team's ability to keep the ball and control the game buy FC 24 Coins , even in the most challenging circumstances. Remember, success in possession is not just about retaining the ball; it's about dictating the tempo of the game and creating scoring opportunities. So, next time you step onto the pitch in the EA FC 24, keep these insights in mind and watch your team dominate possession like never before.


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