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Where To Buy Chicago Metallic Ceiling Grid NEW!

The Chicago Metallic suspended grid solution is primarily designed to combat corrosion and fire. This expansive Rockfon range caters for both standard and specialist grid solutions, including a long-span option for wall-to-wall ceilings or tricky applications. The added option of click-in or hook installation makes for speedy installation or even a workspace shake-up.

where to buy chicago metallic ceiling grid

Some products in this range offer different grid endings, for example the Chicago Metallic T15 Click 2790 has a joggled end, whereas the T24 Hook 850 has a butt end. Depending on the style, colour options include a standard galvanised finish, white and black.

15 mm grid with a universal main runner and joggled-end cross tees. Fully 38 mm high for better load bearing and compatibility with accessories. A strong and stable grid which can be easily demounted repeatedly. Used for creating more discreet grid lines in the ceiling finish. An audible ' click ' for fast and accurate installations.

The Chicago Metallic T24 Click 2890 Perimeter Wall Angle Trim 3050 x 32 x 19mm (L x H x W) in white, is used in conjunction with universal main runners and cross-tees to create a suspended ceiling grid system. L-Profile suitable for square edge, rebated edge and minimalist edge ceiling tiles. Forms part of Rockfon's Universal T24 standard grid system. 041b061a72


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