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Miles Lee
Miles Lee

Magix Video Deluxe 17 PREMIUM HD (2011) Full Version !FREE!

The professional level video editing application for Mac is the very well known Apple Final Cut Pro X. Used extensively in the professional movie industry, as well as amongst amateurs, the latest version comes with full support for full resolution 4K ProRes in multiple streams (which is made for working particularly fast on the new Mac Pro).

Magix Video Deluxe 17 PREMIUM HD (2011) Full Version


Movie Edit Pro 2021 is another affordable video editing solution for home and amateur users that now has full support for 4K videos. This application is available in three versions: deluxe, Plus and Premium, with the Premium version containing the most features and capabilities.

As it happens, Magix'line of editingsoftwares seems to have reached a remarkable score of usabilityas well as reliability with it's newest breed, Video Deluxe 17 HD plus (that'swhat I havetested so far. The UK/US version is named Movie Edit Pro 17 HD. The German premium version has some more effects and a stabilizer,but what is not advertised, the Plus version also has a quitedecent stabilizer (a bit hidden in the effects menu:Effects/VideoObjectEffects,or right click on the video clip in the timeline). There you'llalso find the scene recogntion. The stabilizer can't really competewith Deshaker but may begood for basicjobs due to its simplicity (view some results here).Other advantages are a full set of file formats, any kind ofprofessionaleffects including good sound editing tools, and even an interfacefor VirtualDub filters, so in addition to all the effects youmay use VirtualDub's powerful cleaning options as well. The editing board can be switched between multi track timelineand scene based modes, an automatic scene recognition is includedand even a per-scene editing popup, so the best features of goodol' StudioDV are available as well.Only drawback: MPEG2, AVC, 5.1 surround all require an activationat first use, all separately, and you need a video containingthe stuff to start the activation. This is a serious nuisance,as you can't just install and you're done, and the software doesn'teven tell you what you're still missing to activate.Nevertheless, it may be worth the hassle. 350c69d7ab


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