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The hero of this recipe - my Ello products Duraglass 9x13 Baking Dish. Seriously, it made this whole process seamless. It is the BEST size baking dish for pasta bakes, casseroles, and lasagnas. It fit all the ingredients perfectly and held up very well in my oven. The glass is made of Borosilicate and does not shatter or crack in the temperature change. That goes for both cold and hot. That is why it is secure for baking! Love the versatility. It is also safe to go into your microwave for quick reheating and storage in the fridge/freezer. Literally everywhere! It is portable too - it comes with a secure lid that you pop on for storage and travel. And lastly, it comes in two beautiful colors. I love the "Tropical Violet" one I have. It matches my Duraglass 10pc meal prep set that I am also obsessed with for food storage.

Tomato Jones full crack [portable]

Outdoor perimeter treatments: Outdoor perimeter sprays are especially useful for control of large roaches. Several insecticides are labeled for use around the outside perimeter of the house to control roaches and other pests (Table 6). These products contain active ingredients such as bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, or other pyrethroid insecticides. Many of them are labeled for application to exterior building surfaces, such as around doors and windows and the lower portion of the exterior wall, as well as to a band of ground around the perimeter. If the house has overlapping siding, remember that roaches like to hide in the resulting cracks; direct sprays into these areas. Most labels also allow treatment of crawl spaces, areas under porches, and similar settings. Outdoor perimeter treatments may be applied using a pump-up hand sprayer or a hose-end applicator. Some of these products are sold in a ready-to-spray, hose-end applicator. Be sure to read product labels carefully before purchase and follow all label directions.


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