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Advanced Java Programming Lab Manual

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Advanced Java Programming Lab Manual

CSCI 23 - Advanced Java Programming and the Android Operating System4 units3 hours lecture, 3 hours labPrerequisite: CSCI 3 with a minimum grade of C or equivalent skillCredit, degree applicableTransfer CSUThis course is an advanced Java programming language course that will include topics such as Graphical User Interface (GUI) development, multimedia, exception handling, network programming, multithreading, database manipulation, and Java servers and servlets. There will also be discussion about the Android operating system, including understanding the origins as well as how interaction is done with it. Students will complete a major Java programming project based on the topics taught in this course.

You need to refer to the "JDK API documentation" for the AWT/Swing APIs (under module java.desktop) while reading this chapter. The best online reference for Graphics programming is the "Swing Tutorial" @ For advanced 2D graphics programming, read "Java 2D Tutorial" @ For 3D graphics, read my 3D articles.

Prerequisites: CSC 119, CSCL 119.This course covers advanced topics for Java programmers. These topics include multithreading, collections, networking, advanced GUIs, database connectivity and JavaBeans. Students will be required to work on a project involving advanced Java programming.

- High Level Architecture (HLA) - IBM Java programming using VisualAge for Java - IBM advanced Java programming - Introduction to MDL (Microstation) - IBM Distributed Automation Edition architecture. - Computer Numerical control (CNC) -- General Electric. - Top-down requirement analysis. - Software verification, checkout, and testing techniques. - Business management & administration. 1e1e36bf2d


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