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Immunity Canvas Professional 6 50 Download


Immunity Canvas Professional 6 50 Download

Immunology is the study of how animals and humans protect themselves from pathogens. Understanding basic mechanisms of immunity provides insights into how blood cells develop and how pathogens are recognized and attacked. Furthermore, understanding the concepts behind immunology is necessary for drug and vaccine design. Dysregulation of the processes that regulate immunity can contribute to uncontrolled inflammation, tissue destruction, autoimmunity, immunodeficiencies, leukemia and related cancers. Immunology includes a broad range of disciplines including but not limited to microbiology, virology, animal health, genetics, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology. Students enrolled in the Immunology and Infectious Disease Major will develop and understanding of normal immune responses to bacterial, fungal, and viral agents and appreciate the potential pathological outcomes of these responses. Students will learn about events that shape the immune response; the general biology of pathogens and the mechanisms by which they cause disease. In addition, basic skills in microbiology, molecular biology and biochemistry will be acquired. Students completing a B.S. degree in Immunology and Infectious Disease will be well prepared for veterinary, medical or other professional schools, Ph.D. graduate training in a wide variety of areas including immunology, microbiology, virology, molecular medicine, animal science, molecular biology and biochemistry or highly competitive jobs as research technicians, laboratory assistants or sales representatives with a pharmaceutical company. 1e1e36bf2d


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