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Teen Beat Off Magazine Vol 4 Hit

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Teen beat off magazine vol 4 hit

Earlier this year, I wrote about nostalgic kids magazines, ranging from publications that had short print lives to those which are still published on a regular basis. The focus was on magazines for those in the tween and younger demographics, though many readers shared their fondness for teen magazines of their youth. It only made sense to dig into some of those nostalgic teen magazines, too.

Some of these teen magazines are still being published, either in print or digitally. Others ceased operation completely or pivoted to online-only. This will be an incomplete list but one that should tap the nostalgia button for readers who loved their monthly or semi-monthly subscriptions or trips to the corner store for the latest edition.

The bulk of these publications will be U.S.-based, but many of these periodicals had sister publications across the world. It should be clear, too, that the bulk of these magazines reached a white, middle class readership, which is especially reflected in the covers of earlier editions of the titles.

Running for almost ten years, CosmoGirl! launched in 1999 and folded in 2008. Fashion and celebrities were the focus of this teen-geared spinoff magazine of Cosmopolitan, and each edition featured photos and an interview with a celebrity, beauty, and fashion tips. Like so many teen magazines of the era, there was a section devoted to reader-submitted embarrassing moments, as well as features on mental health, sexual health, and more.

Focused on reaching tween and teen girls, J-14 launched in January 1999 with the goal to cover celebrities. The magazine is still active today, publishing monthly editions that cover young Hollywood, quizzes, fashion, posters, and more.

Not to be confused with the long-running manga magazine line, Jump launched in 1996 and ran through 2001. Its focus was once again tween and teen girls, as so many other teen monthlies at the time, but what made Jump stand out was its focus on teens interested in an active lifestyle. It was packed with stories of sports, with workout ideas, as well as fashion, beauty, and quizzes.

Many believe Right On! to be the first magazine in the U.S. to cater to Black teens, offering celebrity news and gossip like cousins Bop and Tiger Beat. The monthly publication aimed to keep a positive tone and highlighted musicians, athletes, and business people alongside film and television celebrities.

What made Sassy stand out was that it took a slightly off-centered approach to content and style. It was bolder than other teen magazines and covered politics alongside fashion, culture alongside celebrities, and more. Once a year, Sassy also devoted an entire issue to its readers, who would write, design, and edit the issue cover to cover.

In 2017, the monthly combined circulation of the magazine was over 2 million across its English and international editions, which include Mexican, Indian, South African, Malaysian, Thai, Japanese, and more.

Teen Vogue may be one of the most respected teen magazines in recent memory, particularly as it has come to be a place for hard-hitting and cutting edge work on politics and social justice. Launched in January 2003 as a spinoff to the adult Vogue, it was initially a fashion and beauty magazine, but it has expanded to include current affairs and more.

Tiger Beat launched in September 1965 and its print operations ended in December 2018. But never fear: teens (and not-so-teens) who love teen idols, gossip, movies, music, and entertainment can access all of the goodness of the magazine on their active website.

Twist ended its print run in 2016, but turned its focus to online. But as of this writing, Twist magazine no longer appears to be updating its independent social media, nor does it have its own website address. Rather, it appears to have folded into J-14, a sister publication.

In 1932, two magazines existed that would form YM: Compact, meant for older teens, and Calling All Girls, for tweens and younger teens. Calling All Girls has been cited as the beginning of the teen magazine staple of embarrassing reader-submitted stories. By the 1960s, the magazines came together to become Young Miss, and in the 1980s, YM began to stand for Young and Modern. It saw its final name change in 2000, when it became Your Magazine.

YM changed and shifted not just in name, but in content as well. Though a fashion-focused magazine in its later years, in early editions it included comics and short stories. As it evolved, editorial decisions toward its fashion focus made it a forerunner in choosing to no longer run articles about topics like dieting.

For more great reading about teen magazines past and present, explore this piece on the rise and fall of teen magazines at The Hairpin, the history of teen idol magazines at Mental Floss, and this fabulous piece about how teen magazines have always been about more than fashion in The Washington Post.

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