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Tyler Sanders
Tyler Sanders

Drop Dead Diva 2x3

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Aria deals with this new Jenna situation by pretending to be a student named Anita, and Jenna is none the wiser. Things get complicated when Jenna asks 'Anita' for help with certain tasks, like picking up dropped objects off the floor and helping her clean up. Jenna confides in 'Anita' about her desire to see sunlight hitting water again, getting very emotional from the memory - until she realizes that the voice of Anita is actually Aria's. She gets hysterical and screams at a distraught Aria to leave.

Later, Spencer finds her sister's ring near the toaster, and in a bold move, pawns it to buy Toby the truck he had been saving up for. The store owner seems skeptical of Spencer's claim that it belongs to her, but takes the cash all the same. She does plan to return for it in two days, though, after she can get the money out of the bank to buy it back. After dropping off the truck, Toby and Spencer share their first "'I love you's," initiated by Toby, and the two share a passionate kiss. 781b155fdc


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