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Paris Underground Trax Vol 1 Zip

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Review: Paris Underground Trax Vol. 1 - A Classic Deep House Record

Paris Underground Trax is a label founded by Jeremy 'Underground Paris' Fichon, a French DJ and producer who is passionate about underground house music. The label's second release, Vol. 1, came out in 2010 and featured four tracks by Brawther, a talented producer from Leeds who is also part of the Balance Alliance collective. The record was an instant hit among deep house lovers, thanks to its raw, soulful and groovy sound that pays homage to the classic New York and Chicago house scenes.

The record opens with "NYC Underground", a track that samples the vocals of Blaze's "My Beat" and adds a punchy bassline, crisp drums and warm chords. The result is a catchy and uplifting tune that captures the essence of the Big Apple's house culture. Next up is "Sexy Thing Remix", a reinterpretation of David Bowie's "Fame" that transforms the original funk rock song into a deep and sexy house track. Brawther slows down the tempo, loops the guitar riff and adds some subtle effects and filters to create a hypnotic groove.

On the flip side, we find "Hardcore Deep House", a track that lives up to its name. Brawther uses a heavy kick drum, a distorted bassline and a chopped-up vocal sample to create a dark and powerful atmosphere that contrasts with the smoothness of the previous tracks. The track is reminiscent of the early works of Kerri Chandler or DJ Sneak, who pioneered the hard-hitting style of deep house. Finally, the record closes with "GTFO!", a track that samples the vocals of CeCe Peniston's "Finally" and adds a bouncy bassline, funky drums and jazzy keys. The track is a playful and upbeat finale that showcases Brawther's versatility and sense of humor.

Paris Underground Trax Vol. 1 is a record that deserves a place in any deep house lover's collection. It is a tribute to the roots of house music, but also a demonstration of Brawther's talent and originality. The record has been repressed several times since its original release, and it is still in high demand among DJs and collectors. If you are looking for a classic deep house record that will make you dance and smile, look no further than Paris Underground Trax Vol. 1.

Paris Underground Trax Vol. 1 is not the only record that showcases Brawther's skills and influences. In fact, he has released several EPs and albums under different aliases and collaborations, such as Brawther & Alixkun, Dungeon Meat, The Healing Force Project and more. His sound ranges from deep and soulful to raw and minimal, always with a touch of groove and emotion. He is also a respected DJ who has played in some of the most prestigious clubs and festivals around the world, such as Fabric, Panorama Bar, Rex Club, Dimensions and more.

Brawther is also a close friend and collaborator of Jeremy 'Underground Paris', who is the founder and curator of My Love Is Underground. The label was born in 2010 with the aim of reviving the authentic sound of house music from the late 80s and early 90s. The label has released records by artists such as Kool Vibe, Inner Sense, The Nathaniel X Project, SE62 and more. The label's motto is "Vinyl lives...", which reflects its dedication to the physical format and its quality. My Love Is Underground is also a party series that has hosted events in Paris, London, Berlin and more.

Paris Underground Trax Vol. 1 is a record that represents the vision and passion of both Brawther and Jeremy 'Underground Paris'. It is a record that celebrates the history and culture of house music, but also pushes it forward with creativity and innovation. It is a record that will make you feel the love and energy of the underground scene, no matter where you are. aa16f39245


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