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Medieval Instrumental Music - Medieval Life

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Medieval Instrumental Music - Medieval Life

A Medieval and Renaissance bowed stringed instrument either pear shaped or long and narrow, typically with three strings. In the Middle Ages the most common rebec was the soprano, played by resting it on the shoulder, across the chest, or in the armpit. The instrument often has frets, and probably had a thin nasal, penetrating tone, Rebecs are associated with secular instrumental music, especially dance music.

Medieval secular vocal music involved one to six voices accompanied by other instruments. Songs set to dance rhythms were common, as the excerpt demonstrates. Songs expressed short love poems, with other topics being honor, adventure, death, war, etc.; they were extremely popular in England, Italy, France, Germany, and Spain. During the Renaissance era, medieval songs evolved into madrigals, characterized by word painting and greater harmonic and rhythmic contrast.

To the glory of God, organs also appeared in churches, thanks to which church music became more powerful in its message, and artists were given a tool to experiment with ever larger musical forms.The sacred music of medieval times laid the foundation for the further development of classical music. And while the division into popular and classical music, in a way, crystallized in the 20th century only, in none of the epochs, this division was so clear as in the Middle Ages.

Most music from the Middle Ages has unfortunately been destroyed and fallen into oblivion. However, there are a few collections of medieval music that have survived to this day and are an invaluable source of knowledge about the music of the time.

Scandinavian Folk, which is a legacy of the Viking culture, is promoted by the world famous band Wardruna. In their music one can hear everything that could have resounded in the medieval music of those lands. Power, simplicity, rhythm, mysticism.

Where does medieval music find such potential Well, it stems from very simple assumptions and tools that people of those times had at their disposal.Apart from the harmonic principles of those times, which are in fact difficult for contemporary listeners to understand, melodies and motifs from the Middle Ages can be very easily rearranged and adapted to contemporary musical trends. Such combinations make us fall in love with the same melodies that were adored 600-800 years ago and modern music creators have at their disposal a huge field to search for inspiration. In my opinion, medieval music, like hardly any other epoch in the history of music, offers an almost infinite field for exploration and experimentation, which I encourage as a person professionally engaged in composing music and as a hobby in performing medieval music.

Reminiscent of the Dark Ages when kings ruled and knights protected, this fantastic work for beginning strings has an epic sound. Optional percussion adds a regal feel and sets the perfect mood for life in medieval times. Outstanding!

The medieval period of music began with the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD. It advanced in the sixth century and remained popular till the end of the fourteenth throughout which, it was all about church-centered classical music. Although people loved religious music in medieval times, the majority of songs we retrieved were written as liturgical music. Characteristics of Medieval Music:Medieval music was characterised depending on different attributes. Here is a list of 4 major characteristics of the music of the medieval era:

Here is a list of medieval songs that were very famous in the middle age:Greensleeves: A famous English folk song, Greensleeves, was one of the most popular songs in England during the late 16th century. It was associated with Henry VIII, who wrote it to woo Anne Boleyn, his mistress and then his wife. Yet, it is believed to have no accurate historicity and is believed to be written during the Elizabethan era. The song flowed in a composition style and was heavily influen


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