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Avantasia: The Game Of Metal And Magic

The game features a classic look with high quality visuals, an enthralling plot, comedy and adventure, optional quests, dynamic alignment and character class system, secret missions, maps, quests, enemies and items, new game plus, real time action battle system based on the d20 system, combination of spells, ability to learn skills from enemies, overdrive/limit break skills unique for each character, guts system to avoid sudden deaths in an epic way, intelligent enemies, oversoul system for enemies, animations, zoom control, caterpillar system, reflective surfaces, graphic notifications, cutscenes, minigames and puzzles.

Avantasia: The Game of Metal and Magic

The game is available in English and Spanish versions and can be downloaded from here. You can also follow the games Facebook page here for updates and news. The game also has a trailer on YouTube here and a wiki page here.

If you are a fan of Avantasia or fantasy RPGs in general, you should definitely give this game a try. It is a tribute to the metal opera that captures its spirit and atmosphere. The game is full of references and easter eggs for Avantasia fans and has a lot of content and replay value. The game is also challenging and requires strategy and skill to overcome some of the battles and puzzles. The game is not perfect and has some bugs and glitches, but they are not game-breaking and can be overlooked. The game is also not very well-known and deserves more attention and recognition.

Avantasia: The Game is a gem of a game that will take you on a musical adventure through a fantasy world. It is one of the best fan-made games I have ever played and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Avantasia or RPGs.

Avantasia is a metal opera project created by Tobias Sammet, the lead singer of the German power metal band Edguy. Avantasia consists of several concept albums that tell a continuous story of fantasy and adventure. The albums feature many guest singers and musicians from various metal and rock bands, such as Michael Kiske, Jorn Lande, Alice Cooper, Klaus Meine, Geoff Tate, Sharon den Adel, Bob Catley and many more. The albums have been praised for their epic and catchy songs, their diverse and talented cast, their complex and engaging story and their high production quality.

The story of Avantasia begins with The Metal Opera (2001) and The Metal Opera Part II (2002), which tell the tale of Gabriel Laymann, a novice in the Dominican Order who is chosen to decipher an ancient book called the Enochian Key. The book reveals the existence of a parallel world called Avantasia, where magic and music are one. Gabriel is contacted by a mysterious man named Elderane, who tells him that he is the chosen one who can save Avantasia from the evil plans of the church and a dark entity called the Lord of the Flies. Gabriel decides to follow Elderane and enters Avantasia through a portal in an old church. There he meets many allies and enemies, such as Lugaid Vandroiy, a half-angel who guides him; Anna Held, his sister who was kidnapped by the church; Jakob Falkner, his best friend who betrayed him; Pope Clement VIII, the leader of the church who wants to destroy Avantasia; and many more.

The story continues with The Scarecrow (2008), The Wicked Symphony (2010) and Angel of Babylon (2010), which form The Wicked Trilogy. These albums tell the story of a new protagonist, a lonely poet who is haunted by his past and his lost love. He is visited by a scarecrow, who offers him a deal: he will take him to Avantasia, where he can find his true purpose and happiness, but in return he must give up his soul. The poet agrees and travels to Avantasia, where he becomes involved in a new conflict between the forces of light and darkness. He meets new characters, such as Twisted Mind, a mad scientist who experiments on humans; The Toy Master, a benevolent inventor who creates toys for children; The Tower, a mysterious entity that controls Avantasia; and many more. 04f6b60f66


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