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Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A), a leading provider of test and measurement solutions for the electronics industry, announced that it has delivered the latest version of its GENESYS electronic design automation (EDA) software to its customers. GENESYS 2008 is a powerful and user-friendly software tool that enables RF and microwave component and subsystem designers to create, simulate, optimize and document their designs. One of the key features of GENESYS 2008 is LiveReport, a new design capability that simplifies the user interface by automatically generating interactive reports that show the design specifications, simulation results, graphs and equations. LiveReport also makes it easy for designers to communicate and share their work with others, as well as to reuse their designs for future projects.

GENESYS 2008 is designed to meet the needs of RF and microwave component and subsystem designers who work on applications such as wireless communications, radar, satellite and defense systems. GENESYS 2008 offers a complete and integrated design environment that includes schematic capture, layout, linear and nonlinear circuit simulation, electromagnetic simulation, optimization and statistical analysis. GENESYS 2008 also supports a wide range of industry-standard models and formats, such as SPICE, Touchstone, Agilent ADS and Momentum.

One of the main benefits of GENESYS 2008 is that it reduces the design cycle time and cost by enabling designers to perform multiple tasks within a single software platform. For example, designers can use LiveReport to quickly create and update reports that show the performance of their designs under different scenarios and conditions. LiveReport also allows designers to interact with the reports by changing the input parameters and seeing the effects on the output graphs and equations. This way, designers can easily explore different design options and trade-offs without having to switch between different software tools or recreate the reports manually.

Another advantage of GENESYS 2008 is that it enhances the design quality and reliability by providing accurate and efficient simulation and optimization capabilities. GENESYS 2008 uses advanced algorithms and solvers to handle complex RF and microwave circuits and systems with high accuracy and speed. GENESYS 2008 also offers powerful optimization techniques that can automatically find the optimal values for the design variables that meet the design goals and constraints. Moreover, GENESYS 2008 supports statistical analysis methods that can help designers evaluate the effects of manufacturing tolerances and variations on the performance of their designs. 061ffe29dd


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