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Social Network Analysis For Startups Epub 13


People with AN are more likely than controls to report an impoverished social network before the onset of the illness (e.g. having no close friends in childhood; [33, 35] fewer social activities [36] and less social support [37]). In part, this relates to temperamental characteristics, as people with EDs are inhibited and shy with internalising problems [38]. Loneliness, feelings of inferiority and high levels of social anxiety [39] are also reported.

In cases ascertained in adolescence, social problems predated the illness in 20% of cases and informed the prognosis, such that cases with social deficits prior to onset at age 15, were found to be impaired 18 years later at follow-up [6, 40]. Experiences of teasing, bullying and criticism, often pertaining to weight/shape and eating, are found before the illness [41]. During the illness social networks are often reduced [42, 43]. In addition, a sense of inferiority in relationship to others can persist post recovery [44]. Thus, a wide variety of behavioural features support the model, in that an avoidant social phenotype is of relevance to the onset and prognosis. In the next section we examine the form of this social phenotype in more detail. A variety of experimental paradigms have been used to examine factors that may underpin social avoidance in people with EDs, [45] including attention, emotional expression and interpretation and theory of mind.

Accurate reading of the intentions and emotions of others is necessary for effective social communication. People with AN have impairments in this domain. A systematic review and meta analysis concluded that people with AN have impairments in recognizing facial emotions, [51]. In contrast, people with BN have little or no impairment in facial emotion recognition [52], and may be better than healthy controls at recognizing negative emotions [53]. In AN, interpreting emotional meaning from the voice [54, 55], body movement [56] and from films [54] is also impaired. For the most part, these impairments are less marked after recovery, suggesting that they may be starvation, state effects. There is little evidence that these traits are part of an inherited vulnerability as they are not present in first degree relatives (twins, parents) (Kanakam et al. submitted Goddard et al. submitted).

Abstract:This research investigated influential factors on changes in networks of startups through a qualitative exploratory case study approach. Based on interviews with founders in Germany and selected stakeholders in entrepreneurial networks combined with a network mapping approach, we developed a framework of influential factors on network changes. In essence, this framework categorizes factors into sustainable resource acquisition, knowledge and skill acquisition, interpersonal factors, and interorganizational factors. Overall, our research contributes to a better understanding of factors that impact network changes by providing a construct with potential for theoretical standardization. In addition, this research offers important managerial implications.Keywords: startup; entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial firm; network; network changes; influential factors; ties; relationships

Quantum algorithms can speed-up the big data analysis exponentially [40]. Some complex problems, believed to be unsolvable using conventional computing, can be solved by quantum approaches. For example, the current encryption techniques such as RSA, public-key (PK) and Data Encryption Standard (DES) which are thought to be impassable now would be irrelevant in future because quantum computers will quickly get through them [41]. Quantum approaches can dramatically reduce the information required for big data analysis. For example, quantum theory can maximize the distinguishability between a multilayer network using a minimum number of layers [42]. In addition, quantum approaches require a relatively small dataset to obtain a maximally sensitive data analysis compared to t


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