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Shizuku Tsukino

Who is Shizuku Tsukino A Guide to the Anime Character

Shizuku Tsukino is a supporting character from the anime series Poputepipikku, also known as Pop Team Epic. She is a member of the idol group Hoshi-iro Girldrop, along with her friends Daichi and Rina. She has a cheerful and energetic personality, and often acts as the peacemaker between Daichi and Rina. She is voiced by Inori Minase in Japanese and Jill Harris in English.

In this article, we will explore the meaning of her name, her role in the anime, and some trivia about her. If you are a fan of Poputepipikku, or just curious about this quirky character, read on to find out more!

The Meaning of Shizuku Tsukino

The name Shizuku Tsukino (æéããã) has two parts: the surname Tsukino and the given name Shizuku. The surname Tsukino means "moon field" or "moon plain", and is composed of the kanji characters for moon (æ) and field or plain (é). The given name Shizuku means "drop" or "droplet", and is written with the kanji character for drop (é). This character can also be pronounced as "tama", which means "ball" or "bead".

Therefore, one possible interpretation of Shizuku Tsukino's name is "a drop of moonlight". This could reflect her bright and sparkling personality, as well as her role as an idol who shines on stage. Another possible interpretation is "a bead of moon field". This could suggest her connection to nature, as well as her role as a friend who supports Daichi and Rina.

The Role of Shizuku Tsukino in Poputepipikku

Poputepipikku is a comedy anime series based on a webcomic by Bkub Okawa. It follows the absurd adventures of two high school girls, Popuko and Pipimi, who parody various genres and tropes of anime, manga, video games, and pop culture. The anime consists of two segments: one with Popuko and Pipimi as the main characters, and another with Hoshi-iro Girldrop as a fake anime within the anime.

Hoshi-iro Girldrop is a typical idol anime that features Shizuku Tsukino as one of the main characters. She is part of a three-member idol group that aims to become popular and successful. She often has to deal with the conflicts between Daichi, the leader of the group who has a crush on her, and Rina, the rival of Daichi who also likes Shizuku. She tries to balance her idol career with her school life and friendship.

However, Hoshi-iro Girldrop is not a real anime, but a joke that Poputepipikku uses to trick the viewers. The opening sequence of each episode features Hoshi-iro Girldrop as if it were the actual anime, but then it cuts to Popuko and Pipimi doing something ridiculous or violent. The ending sequence of each episode also features Hoshi-iro Girldrop as if it were continuing its story, but then it reveals that it was all a dream or a fantasy. The only time that Hoshi-iro Girldrop gets a full episode is in episode 9, where it turns out to be an elaborate prank by Popuko and Pipimi.

The Trivia of Shizuku Tsukino

Here are some fun facts about Shizuku Tsukino that you may not know:

She shares her voice actress with Rem from Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, Chino Kafuu from Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka, Hestia from Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka, and many other popular anime characters ec8f644aee


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