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Toby Fox's earliest well-known work is his "EarthBound Halloween Hack",[2] a Halloween-themed ROM hack of the 1994 Super NES game EarthBound released in 2008. He then moved onto composing a variety of music for Andrew Hussie's 2009 webcomic Homestuck during his senior year of high school. Though he did not initially respond when Hussie started a "Music Contribution Team" in April 2009 and put up a news post asking composers to participate, Hussie took note of his work when Fox started uploading piano covers of the webcomic's music on the MS Paint Adventures forums.[3] Fox has composed music for the 2017 Homestuck video game Hiveswap,[4] Undertale artist Temmie Chang's short narrative game Escaped Chasm,[5] and Game Freak's 2019 RPG Little Town Hero, the last of which was arranged by Pokémon composer Hitomi Sato.[4] He also composed a track for Pokémon Sword and Shield,[4] a vocal song for Itoki Hana's PRAY album,[6] and multiple tracks for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.[7][8]

Undertale-ALiAS Hack Tool

After the reset in Timeline IX, Cross and his brother are sent back as toddlers and adopted by XGaster shortly after. He becomes good friends with the royal family and grows up with them, enough to wish to risk his life for XFrisk, even if proclaimed by his father to be the reason why his friend was hurt one day in the first place. When they finally get out of the underground, thanks to XFrisk, humans start rampaging on his friend, aiming to kill him, which alerted Cross and soon enrolled in the royal guardsman. 10 years later, instead of using humans, XFrisk started to use Cross as his main tool for the plan, first controlling Cross the day he got his uniform, as well as a surprise test given by XUndyne, then slowly generate a Genocide Sans's code inside of him in order to make him hate and have urges to kill XFrisk. Cross was frustrated and slowly started to avoid his friend in embarrassment, until he was the one chosen to accompany XFrisk at the peace ceremony. One day before the event, the XEvent slowly regenerated some of his memories, without the full context, confusing and frustrating Cross more. During the ceremony, XFrisk controlled Cross to attack him, however protected by XGaster. The mess resulted in Cross running away and hiding, slowly discovered after because of his phone. He began explaining to his friends what he thought was happening, until a reset happened, thanks to XGaster, that got them back to the ceremony. Cross soon came to a conclusion about what was happening, and went to confront his friend about it, seeking answers. With that, XFrisk showed him the original universe, and explained to Cross what was going, now asking his friend to kill him instead of forcing him. Cross, however, instantly denied, and everything escalated to a fight, which he lost because XFrisk used the OVERWRITE button. While listening to XFrisk and gaining his iconic nickname, everything was reseted as soon as XGaster interfered, and Cross was sent back to the day he got his uniform. Cross, terrified yet extremely mad, tried to completely avoid contact with XFrisk as much as he could without looking too suspicious, until XUndyne showed up and attacked him. Revealed that everyone regained their memories and that they were all against him, Cross tried fighting back, and almost got killed it it wasn't for his brother missing on purpose. He went after the XFrisk, who went with everyone else after XGaster, aiming to take the OVERWRITE power. Killing everyone (Excluding XGaster, whom he yeeted away, thinkin he'd die soon), Cross absorbed XFrisk's soul and completely deleted his universe. Now in a white void, Cross tried to use the power he wanted to take, failing as it was revealed his body and soul were not compatible with it. Falling in grief over the loss of his own home, Cross asked for XChara's help until Ink came.

Cross and XChara don't share a pleasant past together, and their ideals make them have a difficult and unhealthy relationship. Even before the XEvent, XChara saw him as a nuisance for disobeying them during Timeline X (despite it being his idea to use Cross for their plans). Cross saw XChara as nothing more than a source of power to bring back his universe, and unwanted company, confirmed by the fact that Cross seemed relieved and rather happy for knocking XChara unconscious after XChara tried to take full control over the body, while XChara only saw Cross as a tool for his plans, manipulating him since he was stuck inside his body. It's unknown about their relation with the XEvent over and XGaster back.

During penetration testing (the hacking process), you will have to adhere to a methodology that will direct your hacking. Intelligence gathering is usually the first step. It is the process of acquiring intelligence on a target before we can begin attacking it.

Imagine all the information one can acquire from whois lookup servers, or the information a DNS lookup tool can get from public DNS servers, or even emails and hostnames one can acquire from TheHarvester (using Google and Bing). Maltego does all that plus more, using the same open sources by help of transforms, then represents it all in one application and in an easy-to-visualize graphical way.

Maltego is one of the most popular yet powerful passive intelligence-gathering tools available today. We encourage you to put the other features it provides to the test in order to appreciate its power. Have fun doing this and happy hacking!

His first claim to fame was his creation of the EarthBound Halloween Hack (also occasionally known as Press the B Button, Stupid!), which he released in 2008 while being a member of the EarthBound fansite, where he managed a subsection of the site's forums dedicated to PK Hack, a tool for modifying the EarthBound game.

Ammonite can be used as a tool to debug any other Scala program, by conveniently opening a REPL at any point within your program with which you can interact with live program data, similar to pdb/ipdb in Python. To do so, first add Ammonite to your classpath, e.g. through this SBT snippet:

This is a small example, but it illustrates the potential: if you find yourself needing to scrape some website or bulk-download large quantities of data from some website's HTTP/JSON API, you can start doing so within a matter of seconds using Ammonite. The results are given to you in nicely structured data, and you can deal with them using any Java or Scala libraries or tools you are used to rather than being forced to munge around in Bash. Sometimes, you may find that you need to get data from somewhere without a nice JSON API, which means you'd need to fall back to Scraping HTML...

The creator of the game, known as Toby Fox, first became famous for creating some Halloween EarthBound hack and making soundtracks for Homestuck. He actually cameos into the game in the form of an annoying dog that constantly appears in the game as a form of comedic relief. Fortunately, you get to kill him in the game with mods installed.

These 2 don't have a pleasant relationship; rather a toxic one. Even during Timeline X Chara despised Cross for his decisions, even warned Frisk he'd refuse to help. After his soul was absorbed by Cross, Chara began to be more and more aggressive towards him, and when he killed Frisk in the void, he began to become more manipulative. After Ink arrived, Chara started to become less involved, and with the help of Ink Cross gained more control over the body. But when it was revealed that he can't resurrect the dead, Chara began to take action on his mentality again, and everything got worse when their SOUL was stolen. When Cross managed to gain half of Classic Sans's SOUL, with the help of XChara, he began to plan on stealing parts of other worlds. Cross accepted since he wanted his home back at all costs, but Chara's intentions differed. XChara saw Cross only as a tool, just as XFrisk predicted him.

PF2M is a smasher and Miiverse hacker who makes average posts. He created MCIT (Miiverse Custom Image Tool), and convinced Arian K to publicize the method to access Wii U / 3ds Miiverse from PC. He also likes Love Live, a lot.

On July 4th, 2015 something happened that changed his life forever. After hearing Miiverse users talk about someone named "MatthewAlt", he decided to look into what was going on. Eventually, he found the post. He noticed in the comment section that there was an America meme with "something special" in the 3D layer. (How convenient was it that his 3DS was the one thing he had on him that night?) Interested, he asked Arian for more details, which he got some of, but not enough to help him. He knew 3DS hacking was a thing, as an average user of the Pokemon QR Code exploit when that was still alive, but couldn't figure out how to use something like that for Miiverse hacking. So over the course of the next 6 months, he tried everything he could to do something like Arian, without using a Gateway or anything like that. Not much came from this.

It was the start of 2016. The Miiverse Redesign had come and gone, and Lane was used to it, being yet another user in the New Super Luigi U community. He had homebrewed his 3DS, using it for emulators and save-data editing, even though none of that was helpful to him. (The farthest he had gotten was Chibi-Robo: Photo Finder pictures, and Nintendo Badge Arcade custom badges.) Then the GBATemp Community had finally put together a kernel exploit on the latest firmware, and Lane immediately jumped on the bandwagon of people trying to downgrade their 3DSes to a much more vulnerable firmware. The problem was that the software to downgrade to said firmware was in beta, and when Lane tried to run it on his 3DS, it crashed a few seconds into the downgrade and his 3DS was rendered useless. Thankfully, Christmas had just passed, and he had saved up enough for a refurbished 2DS, which was (and still is) $60 on Nintendo's website. After a few days of waiting, he had his 2DS, and this time it came on a vulnerable firmware, so he didn't even need to downgrade. He proceeded to install a custom firmware and all that on it, becoming the biggest pirate in the world, but he still wasn't satisfied. He needed to find a way to hack Miiverse, easily and quickly.


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