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The Theater Creepypasta Game __TOP__

He is completely expressionless, though some say that if you smash the disc his face is shown as angry the next time you look at the cover, though this is just dismissed as an urban legend. What is peculiar about The Theater, though, is that there is no developer named on the jewel case, nor a game description on the back. It is simply the Ticket-Taker on a white background on both sides.

The Theater Creepypasta Game

Ok, so i remember this game from wayyyyy back. Pretty cool rendition of far. Unfortunately, for me, when i got to the maze part, if i get caught by the swirly head man, the game crashes every time.

The Theater - A Creepypasta Legend is a point-and-click horror game for personal computers. The plot takes place within a theatre and the player will need to avoid a mysterious entity simply known as the "spiral head man". Users will have to interact with different portions of the environment in order to discover clues and to unravel the mystery of their foe.

I only just came across this due to the Peekaboo Collection on Steam. And wow! what an experience this was. Had a lot of fun playing it and is worth the pick up. Keep up the good work! I got to play your other games soon!

Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts, more or less you're on a right path here, I can at least say that a lot of the things aren't really too specific to the theater's universe and the creature isn't a janitor.

You know what's funny? I'm a big John Wolfe fan but I had played some of this dev's games before I ever subbed to John. It was funny to me realizing that this game dev was the same that John trashed for his Timore series. But it seems that even now, JW actually likes your new games such as this one. For example, the reason I liked Vidas was starting with Dia. When John played it after me, he was impressed and gave credit where it was due. Idk how to put it...its just been a wild ride with John Wolfe and Vidas/Timore Dev lol. It's a pairing that I stan.

I have not played this game but I have watched it a million times!! I absolutely admire this one, the graphics are awesome but the sound...the sound was so terrifying and so well done. Especially the film sequences as well as this one woman who follows you. I really really can't express how much I love this game. It also has perfect pace and the game wasn't too short, it was literally perfect. If I could, I would give 6 stars.Also I love the games from you anyway! Timore and all that stuff. I absolutely admire your work, keep it up!!10/10

Oh gosh this one was very VERY! Scary, really well done. I might even say this one is my favorite, the creepy red themed theater is a really nice touch and the characters *muak* The textures and camera angles were on point and I loved the DIA reference.

This theater game might possible be the scariest one I have ever played! I apologise I couldn't complete it, I didn't know I could until I watched someone else play it lol. I might complete it.... I might not but at least I experienced enough lol.

Such a cool game! It really plays with the mind and shatters any expectations that build up when playing. Even when you think you know what's coming, things change, even in very subtle ways. Super creepy game, had a very professional feel to it. Here's my playthrough:

This game was an awesome creepypasta inspired game that is so unique and nobody has made a game that even resembles this game. The sound is excellent, the graphics are perfect and feel real, the environment and all the mirrors and everything was so creepy cause you feel like anything could be watching you or about to attack you. This game and any future game from Vidas each month for $1 is definitely worth it. Great job to ScottishGreek for the voice acting. And while I somewhat understand things this is a psychological horror for sure with many questions especially the ending... dont want to spoil it. ;) Check out my playthrough of the game here: Theater Unrest Playthrough

As promised, I came to deliver. This game really did have the aesthetics of a creepypasta overall in Gameplay and Choices of Dialogue. The gameplay was amazing especially with the jumpscares, that part where the bald mf came running at me, that sent chills throughout my whole body and the inability to move around during some parts of the game really helped the scary factor of the game, the dialogue was great, good job Scruncho and ScottishGreek! overall for the cost of a dollar this game isn't that bad, I loved it, Hope to see more great content in the future!

The Swirly Head Man is an enigmatic entity but judging by him seemingly being the cause the players can't get past the game's first level, he seems that it desperately doesn't want anyone to complete the game (this becomes especially true if it's assumed that he and the Ticket-Taker are the same entity, since if the players keep trying to get past the first level he will become distressed and presumably say that they will never reach the other levels).

According to the original Creepypasta, after a player keeps playing the game for an unknown amount of time, they will meet the Swirly Head Man while walking down the hallway, feeling extremely uncomfortable just before meeting him. Some players have reported the Swirly Head Man occasionally appearing on the corner of the screen for a short amount of time, and at some point the movie posters will be replaced with pictures of him.

The old creepypasta legend has been reborn! The spiral head man continues to haunt you throughout the theater. This time its a point and click thriller which gives you quicker access to many parts of the theater finding clues to the reality that surrounds you. It's unpredictable what comes next in each walkthrough. It could be a strange paranormal haunting you or it could be nothing. As you dig deeper into the walkthroughs, you'll soon start to find out that its more than just a game...

For those who have read the story will understand how the gameplay works. It's a repeated process but you're also free to roam into other areas of the theater. Exploring your surroundings is recommended unless you're too afraid to find out what's waiting for you...

Gameplay can range anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour or more depending on how well you explore the walkthroughs. It's recommended that you wear headphones to play the game but that's totally up to you.

Hi, I don't know if anyone is active on this page anymore but I have finally decided to play this game and I am very glad that I did. Since it's the same layout each time you go through, it can get a little tedious but then when the horrors lurk.... they do leave you on edge.

This is a phenomenal game. I've been seeing a lot of reviews and feedback saying that it isn't as well done as the originals or it doesn't follow the creepypasta, etc. I see what you've made here. It is an awesome storytelling experience about how the main character is affected by the game itself. I didn't quite understand at first, but once I read the pasta, it was all super clear. The atmosphere was VERY well done. I absolutely loved the audio engineering and the visuals. The point-and-click mechanics were very unique and I didn't expect a game like this to be such an immersive experience. The jump scares got me just about every time, since there is such a large time gap between each one. I personally feel like this game is definitely worth the price that you put out there, even if it is mostly wandering around (it took me almost 2 hours to beat). The juicy bits are totally worth hunting for. Thanks so much for making this!

This is perhaps one of the most pretentious comments I have ever seen online. First off, you only have something like 650 subscribers, and secondly, how can you not afford TWO dollars? Whoever made this game put some hard work into this and you just come in here waltzing like a bloody prima donna asking for a free copy for your crappy YouTube channel. Slit your wrists, you mongoloid.

I see what you're trying to do and I do find it kinda funny. But... for your information... I did pay for the game about 2 years ago. I have also deleted the original comment because I feel that was the stupidest comment I have ever made on a game.

This old game, released around the same time as DOOM isn't scary at first.. "The Ticket Taker" gives you a ticket and tells you to go watch some movies.After a while things start to get... weird. The Ticket Taker disappears, areas with lighting become pitch black, and then the "Swirly Head Man" makes his presence known.

It was rumoured that an incompatible Morrowind mod that went by the name of jvk1166z.esp circulated around in a pretty small community somewhere around 2005. The game with this mod included had to be booted in DOSBox for it to work properly. Upon booting up the game, players would notice something off about it from the start.

You constantly lose health no matter what, and the game already has its major characters killed off (so to add to the creepy factor, their corpses wouldn't vanish either). There's an extra dungeon as well, and NPCs would stop responding after a while and sometimes, during the night, they'd gaze upwards and simply say, "Look at the sky." But perhaps the spookiest part of this story is that when you die, a new "Assassin" monster would come up to your corpse and scream horrifyingly.

A creepypasta revolving around game ripping and pirating, this story is sure to give any pirate second thoughts when they decide to illegally download a game. The story speaks of a certain Japanese program that helped in facilitating this unhealthy practice. However, the games were ripped in .4 format, which led to some pretty creepy things in some games.


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