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Unveiling FC 24's New Tactical Marvel: The 4213 Formation

Hey, FC 24 enthusiasts! Today we're diving into the tactical wonders of the 4213 formation, a fresh take on EA FC 24 Coins the familiar 4231. In this article, we'll explore the nuances, strategies, and key instructions that make the 4213 a potentially game-changing formation in FC 24.

Formation Overview:

The 4213 is akin to the well-known 4231 but introduces a subtle twist that adds a dash of aggression to your gameplay. The structure remains stable with two central defensive midfielders (CDMs), an attacking central midfielder (CAM), and a lone striker. The key differentiator lies in the left and right wings, providing more attacking options and flexibility.

Winger Freedom:

In the 4213, the left and right wings offer a level of control not seen in the 4231. Unlike its counterpart, you can now apply specific instructions such as "getting behind," "cut inside," or "stay wide" to your wingers. This newfound freedom allows for more dynamic plays down the wings, giving you a strategic edge in your offensive maneuvers.

Instructions Breakdown:

Let's delve into the player instructions for each position in the 4213:

Striker and Attacking Midfielder (CAM):

Stay Central

Stay Forward

Get in Behind

These instructions emulate the 4231, ensuring a solid central presence with the CAM supporting the lone striker. The "Get in Behind" directive adds an extra layer of attacking prowess, especially in the final third.

Left Wing and Right Wing:

Stay Forward

Get in Behind

Leave on Balance

The wings are the game-changers in this formation. Unlike the 4231, you now have the freedom to dictate specific instructions to your wingers. Whether you want them to cut inside, stay wide, or leave it on balance for the AI to decide, the choice is yours.

Central Defensive Midfielders (CDMs):

One on Stay Back While Attacking, Cover Center

One on Balanced, Cover Center

Balancing defensive stability with attacking impetus, this setup allows one CDM to contribute to the attack while the other holds the fort. Adjust as needed based on your defensive capabilities and the flow of the game.

Left Back and Right Back:

Stay Back While Attacking


Ensuring defensive solidity, both full-backs stay back while attacking, but with the added option to overlap. This provides additional width in attack while maintaining defensive discipline.

Tactical Adjustments:

Now, let's fine-tune your gameplay with the right tactical adjustments:

Defensive Style:


The 4213 is versatile, and a balanced defensive style is generally effective. However, adjust as needed based on your preferences and the flow of the match.

Defensive Width:


A balanced width provides a solid defensive foundation. Tweak this based on your defensive preferences.

Defensive Depth:


Optimal depth depends on your playstyle. For a more cheap FC Coins conservative approach, lean towards 39, while 45 strikes a balance between defense and pressing. For an aggressive playstyle, 71 is a viable option.

Buildup Play:


Leave the buildup play unbalanced to allow for more dynamic runs, especially in the final third. Adjust to Long Ball if you struggle with buildup.

Final Third:

Forward Runs

Emphasize forward runs for a more penetrative attacking style. This complements the 4213's offensive potential.

Corners and Free Kicks:

Customize based on preference

Tailor corner and free-kick instructions to your preferred playstyle, adjusting the number of players in the box accordingly.

The 4213 formation emerges as a potential meta in FC 24, offering a balance between defensive stability and attacking flair. Experiment with the instructions and tactical settings, adapting them to your playstyle and the unique challenges posed by your opponents. Remember, the beauty of this formation lies in its flexibility, so feel free to tweak and refine to suit your preferences. Happy gaming, and may your FC 24 journey be filled with victories!


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