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Sympathy - Crossword Construction 3.3

We can see here why the imagination is so important to Smith. Only through this faculty can a person enter into the perspective of another, and only through careful observation and consideration can someone learn all the necessary information relevant to judge moral action. We can also see why sympathy is, for Smith, not an egoistic faculty:

Sympathy - Crossword Construction 3.3

In order to produce this concord, as nature teaches the spectators to assume the circumstances of the person principally concerned, so she teaches this last in some measure to assume those of the spectators. As they are continually placing themselves in his situation, and thence conceiving emotions similar to what he feels; so he is as constantly placing himself in theirs, and thence conceiving some degree of that coolness about his own fortune, with which he is sensible that they will view it. As they are constantly considering what they themselves would feel, if they actually were the sufferers, so he is as constantly led to imagine in what manner he would be affected if he was only one of the spectators of his own situation. As their sympathy makes them look at it, in some measure, with his eyes, so his sympathy makes him look at it, in some measure, with theirs, especially when in their presence and acting under their observation: and as the reflected passion, which he thus conceives, is much weaker than the original one, it necessarily abates the violence of what he felt before he came into their presence, before he began to recollect in what manner they would be affected by it, and to view his situation in this candid and impartial light. (TMS I.i.4.8)

Contrary to the description put forth by the Adam Smith Problem, sympathy cannot be either altruistic or egoistic because the agents are too intertwined. One is constantly making the leap from one point of view to another, and happiness and pleasure are dependant on joint perspectives. Individuals are only moral, and they only find their own happiness, from a shared standpoint. Egoism and altruism melt together for Smith to become a more nuanced and more social type of motivation that incorporates both self-interest and concern for others at the same time.

The construction of the church of Zwarthnotz, generally dated between 642 and 652, can be seen as a politically inspired architectural statement. Certain elements point to local tradition, others to the style of the victorious Arabs or have references to Syria (Apamea). And the church is, last but not least, a demonstration of the alliance with the Greek-speaking neighbors and the churches of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus (p. 311, fig. 246) and Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (Area A in fig. 192).

Priscillian originated from Avila (Spain) and believed in a non-Roman type of Christianity. He denied the Trinity and rejected the narrative of Creation. His belief included elements of Gnostic Manicheism, Jewish numerology and Kabbala. His type of thinking, with a distinct Eastern/Mesopotamian flavor, put an emphasis on dualistic features. The kingdoms of Light and Darkness, salvation from the domination of matter and a sympathy for asceticism were part of his faith. His mission came in contact with the Roman-orientated dogmas in Germany, which let to his demise.

Lalibela was once the capital of the Zagwe (Zaguë) Dynasty, which lasted from the tenth to thirteenth century AD and it is generally assumed that the churches date from that period. The Zagwe Dynasty followed the Aksumite Empire, which lasted from about the first millennium BC until 800 AD. During this latter extended period a specific building style was developed, like the timber constructions (which can also be found in Anatolia, Turkey). Elements of these wood constructions were in a later stage transposed in the sculpture of rocks in the monolithic churches.

In secret, the Emperor directed the building of a second Death Star above the forest moon of Endor. In an attempt to destroy the rebellion once and for all, the Emperor arranged for intelligence on the second Death Star to be leaked to Bothan spies. Using this information, the Rebel Alliance made preparations to launch an attack on the second Death Star. Before the Battle of Endor, Vader traveled to the second Death Star to warn Moff Tiaan Jerjerrod to accelerate construction. Shortly later, Sidious traveled to the battle station to oversee the final construction stages.[47]

Jews were no strangers topersecution and humiliation among the Arabs and Muslim nations, PrincetonUniversity historian Bernard Lewis wrote: "The Golden Age of equal rightswas a myth, and belief in it was a result, more than a cause, of Jewishsympathy for Islam." (Bernard Lewis, "The Pro-Islamic Jews," p.401.)

"They began todisseminate, in a terrifying manner, pictures of mass shootings in directed atthem, and to invent the shocking story about the gas ovens in which, accordingto them, Hitler used to burn them. The newspapers are filled with pictures ofJews who were mowed down by Hitler's machine guns, and of Jews being led to thegas ovens. In these pictures they concentrated on women, babies and old people,and they took advantage of it, in order to elicit sympathy towards them, whenthey demand financial reparations, contributions and grants from all over theworld. The truth is that the persecution of the Jews is a myth, that the Jewsdubbed "the tragedy of the Holocaust" and took advantage of, in orderto elicit sympathy towards them.".

"There are manyindications that the American initiative, in case it is proposed, will reflecta strong bias toward the Zionist-racist solution to the Palestine problem... Itwill adopt the idea of giving the name 'Palestinian State' to lands crowded withPalestinian population and construction in the West Bank and Gaza... Hardconditions will be forced on this state which will be demilitarized and limited[in authority] enabling the Zionist entity to control its affairs in such a waythat will make this state to look like a series of "enclaves" withinthe Zionist-racist entity called 'Israel.'"

In April 1997's"emergency special session" of the United Nations General Assembly,which condemned Israel's construction of a new Jewish neighborhood inJerusalem, has raised a number of questions about the world body's function andbias.

While Israel's constructionof homes in Jerusalem is not a violation of the Oslo Accords since no changingin status of territory has been broken. In light of this, it needs to be notedthat Palestinian Authority receives monetary support from Israel. The questionshould be as to why the United Nations is so alarmed over a housing unitproject when tens of thousands of refugees in central Africa faced death by starvationor disease as civil war raged in Zaire, hundreds of Algerians, including womenand children, were being butchered by Islamists, enslavement of Christians inthe Sudan continued, a German court implicated the Iranian regime in sponsoringterrorism abroad, new reports emerged of chemical weapons manufacture byseveral Mid-east states, the Irish Republican Army stepped up its bomb-threatcampaign, Albanian anarchy persisted, the civil war and accompanying refugeecrisis reached new proportions in Afghanistan, and the separatist struggle inChina's Xinjiang province became ever more violent?

THE General Assemblyresolution demanded the "immediate and full cessation" ofconstruction at Har Homa, Jerusalem and urged all states to stop "allforms of assistance and support for illegal Israeli activities", notablyin building settlements in disputed areas. It requested UN secretary-generalKofi Annan to report back within two months on whether Israel has stopped thework in Jerusalem.

All this despite the factthat Yasir Arafat's Palestinian Authority has financed the illegal constructionof thousands of Arab homes in the Old City section of Jerusalem and that"Faisal Husseni, Arafat's cabinet ministers, announced that Saudi Arabia hasdonated $19-million "to build 600 Arab homes in Jerusalem and strengthentheir hold over parts of the city." (Jerusalem Post, June 24, 1997).

To accomplish this heneeded the sympathy of the Turkish Sultan, for Palestine was under the rule ofthe Ottoman Empire, and he needed the support of the Kaiser of Germany.Actually, Herzl had a Christian Zionist advisor by the name of William Hechler,a British clergyman ,who met Herzl in 1896 and became a sympathizer and closefriend.

On the other hand ChristianZionist establishments like the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem does not haveany support or sympathy by the Christian Arabs, Daud Kuttab a prominantPalestinian journalist writes:

History records themanifestation of evil that took place all over the Arab world. In Yemen the Jewwho lived there for thousands of years fell under the previously mentioned'Omar Charter' which called for the severe fanatical edicts of the mostintolerant Islamic sects. In Adan the Arab riots and pogroms erupted in 1947killing Jews, ransacking houses, and robbed every single Jewish store, burningevery Jewish synagogue and home in the country. The only Jews who were sparedwere at an area called "Steamer Point". They were all forced to leavein 1958. In Iraq, all the Jews were forced to leave between 1948 and 1952 andto leave everything behind. Jews were publicly hanged in the center of Baghdadwith enthusiastic mobs as audiences. In Egypt Jamal Abdunnaser stated:"Our sympathy was with the Germans". During the 6 day war the Jews ofEgypt were rounded up and thrown into concentration camps. Egypt had no placefor Jews.

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