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Miles Lee

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though facebook insists that no login credentials were stolen, a password reset link sent to a user identified by the security researcher as "bigbruh" was successfully used to reset the password of another email address, krebsonsecurity has learned. as of thursday evening, the same user was also able to reset the account information of a third email address, including its password.

filetype txt username password @facebook com


how facebook has changed over the years. ive missed the days of facebook just knowing about your best friends or worst enemies. i went to college and moved away from my hometown and i was always connected to the people in my old school, friends, and family. if i didnt see them for a couple of days i became really sad. the days where people you dont talk to hardly ever, you look to for messages of support. if i wasnt connected to my cousin or friend that everyone knew we had gone back to school together i would be really upset.

i'm not sure if its just me, but i think its changed a lot over the years. when i was a teen most of my friends were people who lived in my neighborhood, and i went to school with and went to church with. nowadays, its mostly random people, and my local friends and people i go to school with arent on facebook anymore.. or at least they havent been for a long time.

i am forced to use facebook everyday and i am dying from the boredom. everytime i start a new one, it will start showing advertisements for the company that i work for. then after 5-7 days, i dont use facebook anymore because of too much bombardment.

when facebook started off, it was about connecting with old and new friends. i remember when i started facebook, the whole concept of liking pages and commenting on things was new. i remember the first time i did this, i was like, wow! these old people are liking my pics and its totally cool to comment on their posts. now, theres this concept of liking, commenting and sharing a post and the comments can get awkward. im sorry guys, but as much as i wish i didnt, this is going to take some time to get use to.


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