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I Am Alive Game Pc Serial Number ((BETTER))

On the target computer, where you want to register Alive:1. Go to Start Menu -> Programs -> Alive and open Alive.2. If you still have trials, press 'No' to register Alive.3. Enter your serial number and press 'OK'.4. Write down, or copy to a new document, the information, especially the computer code, shown. Then press 'OK'.5. Press 'No' to indicate the computer is not connected to the Internet.

i am alive game pc serial number

On a second computer, with an internet connection6. Go to Enter your name, serial number, and computer code. The computer code is the code we got from step 4 above.8. Press 'Unlock Product' and you should see your unlock code. Write this code down, or copy it to a new document. 350c69d7ab


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