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Ne-Yo - Year Of The Gentleman (JP Deluxe Edition) 2008


Ne-Yo - Year Of The Gentleman (JP Deluxe Edition) 2008: A Review

Ne-Yo is one of the most successful and versatile R&B artists of the 21st century. His third studio album, Year Of The Gentleman, released in 2008, showcases his talent as a singer, songwriter and producer. The album features a mix of upbeat dance tracks, smooth ballads and catchy mid-tempo songs that explore the themes of love, relationships and self-improvement. The album also includes four bonus tracks and videos for the Japanese deluxe edition.

The album opens with Closer, a club-ready anthem that samples the classic song The Sun Rising by The Beloved. Ne-Yo delivers a confident and seductive performance over a pulsating beat and synth chords. The song was a worldwide hit and earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance[^1^].

The next track, Nobody, is a smooth and soulful song that showcases Ne-Yo's vocal range and falsetto. He sings about wanting to be with his lover and nobody else over a laid-back groove and guitar riffs. The song was co-written by Norwegian duo Stargate, who also produced several other tracks on the album.

Single is a collaboration with New Edition member Ralph Tresvant, who provides background vocals and ad-libs. The song is a mid-tempo R&B jam that tells the story of two people who are in relationships but feel attracted to each other. Ne-Yo sings from the perspective of the man who wants to make a move on the woman he meets at a club.

Mad is one of the most emotional and powerful songs on the album. It is a piano-driven ballad that depicts a couple who are having an argument and trying to resolve their issues before going to bed. Ne-Yo delivers a passionate and heartfelt performance that conveys the frustration and pain of the situation. The song was also a hit single and received positive reviews from critics[^2^].

Miss Independent is another upbeat and catchy track that celebrates strong and independent women who can take care of themselves. Ne-Yo praises his love interest for her confidence, intelligence and beauty over a bouncy beat and synth melodies. The song was inspired by his ex-girlfriend, who was also an executive at his record label[^3^]. The song was also a smash hit and won him two Grammy awards for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song[^1^].

Why Does She Stay is a slow and soulful song that questions why his lover stays with him despite his flaws and mistakes. He admits that he is not perfect and that he sometimes takes her for granted, but he also expresses his gratitude and love for her over a warm and mellow production.

Fade Into The Background is another ballad that deals with heartbreak and regret. It describes the scenario of seeing his ex-girlfriend with another man at her wedding. He tries to act cool and pretend that he is happy for her, but he secretly wishes that he could have her back. He sings about fading into the background as he watches her walk down the aisle.

So You Can Cry is a song that offers comfort and support to his friend who is going through a tough breakup. He tells her that it is okay to cry and let out her emotions, but he also reminds her that she will get through this and find someone better. He sings over a soft and soothing guitar-based production.

Part Of The List is another song co-written by Stargate. It is an acoustic guitar-driven song that lists all the things that remind him of his ex-girlfriend, such as her favorite songs, movies, books and places. He sings about how he can't escape from her memory and how he still loves her despite their breakup.

Back To What You Know is a song that advises his friend to go back to his old girlfriend who truly loves him instead of chasing after new women who don't care about him. He tells him that he is wasting his time and hurting himself by playing games with these women who only want him for his money or fame.

Lie To Me is a song that expresses his desire to hear lies from his lover instead of the truth


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