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Latest Information on Types of Online Football Betting Today

Football betting attracts enthusiasts with a variety of odds. If you're a newcomer starting to engage in online betting, first, you need to understand each type of betting to choose the appropriate odds for each match. So, to grasp information about betting odds, let's explore wednesday football tips the current types of online football betting with Wintips.

Types of Football Betting

In football betting, there are hundreds of types of bets, but the main types are: Asian Handicap, Over/Under (Total Goals), and European Handicap. Each type of bet has its own rules that you need to understand to make the right choice. The basic information about them that you need to know when analyzing odds includes:

Asian Handicap Betting

This is a common type of football betting at all bookmakers. As the name suggests, Asian Handicap originated from Asia. Over the years, this type of bet has spread to many countries and become popular across Europe.

When playing Asian Handicap, you only have two choices: win or lose, with no draw. Asian Handicap is also known as a handicap bet.

Asian Handicap appears when two competing teams have a relative balance of strength. The stronger team needs to give a handicap to the weaker team, for example: 1-goal handicap, 1.5-goal handicap, 2-goal handicap, 3-goal handicap, etc.

Over/Under Betting

Among the various types of football betting, Over/Under is also of great interest to many enthusiasts. When playing this bet, you are betting on the total number of goals scored by both teams.

Depending on each match, bookmakers will provide odds for you to predict the football results. For example, if a bookmaker provides a specific number, choosing Over means predicting that the actual goals scored will be higher than the bookmaker's number. Conversely, choosing Under means predicting that the total goals scored will be lower than the bookmaker's provided number.

In practice, at present bookmakers not only offer Over/Under bets for total goals but also for total red cards, yellow cards, corner kicks, etc.

European Handicap Betting

European Handicap betting, also known to many enthusiasts as 1×2 betting. European Handicap has a very easy-to-understand way of playing; you only need to place bets on 3 outcomes: win, lose, or draw. Therefore, this type of bet is simple and easy to play compared to Asian Handicap.

European Handicap is chosen by many newcomers because there's no need to worry about the score; the betting method is simple. However, to win against bookmakers in this bet, newcomers also need experience and betting knowledge.

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Specific information about types of football betting when playing Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap betting in football has various forms for players to choose from. So, to easily play Asian Handicap, you need to grasp some types of betting as follows.

Handicap 1

Handicap 1, also known as a draw, is indicated on the odds board as: Handicap 1.0. This means that the stronger team (the upper team) will give a 1-goal handicap to the weaker team (the lower team). To win and ensure safety in betting, you should seek out the most reputable bookmakers.

Handicap 1.25

Handicap 1.25, also known as 1 1/4 handicap, is indicated as 1 1/4 on the odds board. This is a very familiar Asian Handicap in betting rooms and is applied to matches with a clear difference in strength between the two teams. The stronger team will give a 1.25-goal handicap to the weaker team, and the reward will depend on the amount of bet placed by the player.

Handicap 1 1/2 (Handicap 1.5)

Handicap 1 1/2, indicated as 1.5 on the Asian Handicap odds board, is usually offered for matches with a significant gap in form between the two teams. These teams could be the top-ranked team and the team with results near the bottom of the standings. Simply put, in this handicap, the upper team will give a 1.5-goal handicap to the lower team. To win, the upper team needs to score at least 2 goals. If they score only 1 goal, they will lose the bet.

Handicap 1/2 (Half-goal Handicap)

Handicap 1/2, also known as a half-goal handicap, is indicated as 0.5 on the bookmakers' odds board. The upper team needs to give the lower team a 0.5-goal handicap. To win this bet, the upper team needs to score at least 1 more goal than the total goals of the lower team.

Handicap 3/4

Handicap 3/4, also known as a half-one handicap, is indicated as 0.5 – 1 or 0.5/1 on the odds board. Handicap 3/4 falls between Handicap 1/2 and Handicap 1.

The above information covers the current types of online football betting. Once you understand betting tips vip app the latest football odds, you'll surely feel more confident when betting on football. Choose a reputable bookmaker to enjoy safe and fun football betting experiences.


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