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Ford Laser Tierra Service Manual [EXCLUSIVE]


Ford Laser Tierra Service Manual [EXCLUSIVE]

the laser gl model was a more mid-range variant with a modest level of equipment. it was offered in gl and ghia body styles, the latter of which had been discontinued. it was the first laser model to have a tailgate with a sunshade, though it was only offered in black. from 1986, the gl model's interior was replaced with the newly introduced tri-tone paint scheme. the gl had the same wheel size and trim as the tx3, though the cabin trim was of a lower quality. the gl was also the first laser model in the world to be equipped with electronic fuel injection. the gl was priced lower than the tx3, starting at $9,300. the gl was discontinued in 1988, being replaced by the v6 model.

in south america, the laser, alongside the ford escort and the volkswagen golf, was the only model to be available with the 5-speed manual transmission. the laser in south america was assembled in brazil and was available in the following models: ghia, gran ghia, gl, and the hatch. in brazil, the laser was only sold in station wagon body style. the hatchback version, known as the sport, was available only in the ghia and gran ghia models. in argentina, the laser was initially only available as a ghia, but in 1983 the gl was also offered, with the 1.3-litre engine. the 1.6-litre engine was available in the gl and ghia models only. in chile, the laser was only sold in the ghia, gl and gran ghia body styles. the gl was only sold in the hatch and gran ghia body styles. the ghia and gl were the only laser models to be assembled in argentina and chile. the mexican market only had the 1.3-litre and 1.5-litre engines. the engines were the same ones offered in the european and japanese markets.3-litre was only offered in the ghia and gran ghia body styles.5-litre was only offered in the gl body style.6-litre engine was only available in the ghia and gl body styles. 3d9ccd7d82


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