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Leveraging Technology To Revolutionize Your Business

We have always been creatures of communication. The ability to network, build relationships, and present ideas with confidence all correlate with success. However what happens when you add in another variable? For instance, communicating online.

All of a sudden, it can become a lot more complex.

But before you panic, let's consider and leverage upon the positives of technology and how it has allowed us to communicate and interact more effectively than ever before. What started out as a means for survival, has now become a critical means for revolutionizing business.


Improved Communication

Emailing, texting, and social media messaging allow us to stay connected 24/7. Online meetings also reduce the need for commuting or setting aside travel time.

This provides us with more opportunities to build relationships, share knowledge and learn from others without physically being in the same place. Whilst potentially uncomfortable due to the unfamiliar, this creates more opportunities than ever before. Many people report they actually find it easier to communicate online rather than face to face as it removes some of those extra communication elements such as observing complete body language and the general sense you get about a person when in their physical company.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Working from home or hybrid models allow us to balance our work and family life and keep us prepared to pivot in unexpected circumstances. In light of recent events, more people are choosing to move their families to remote and rural locations to increase space, freedom, and general wellbeing. Fortunately, technology allows us to work with people who are not necessarily within our immediate vicinity, therefore, minimizing logistical problems while maximizing opportunities for collaboration.

In addition, this also results in lower production costs as businesses can also save time and money on traveling between workplace locations, and reducing required office space.


Broader Client Reach

Many people find social media daunting. Developing a personal brand and online presence can be stressful for those who consider themselves to be private individuals or aren't used to highlighting their unique skills and achievements. However, if used well, it can prove incredibly profitable.

Social media and the internet allow people to connect and build relationships with those they might not ordinarily cross paths with. Recording a video or hitting the live button on social media can reach a much broader audience. It also gives people the opportunity to become 'micro publishers' by sharing information about themselves, their thoughts, and opinions, as well as share other people's work that they like and respect.

People can get a sense of who you are and what you represent just by scrolling through your feed - and this can be a good thing! You are in control of your narrative and by embracing this, you are likely to connect with many more people and see positive results. Personally, I have gained clients who have been observing my social media for months and felt connected with my message and mission through the way I speak and present myself.


Globalization means that people can connect and build relationships remotely and easily. For instance, the increasing interconnectedness of the world has allowed me the opportunity to have clients across 10 countries. The world is your office, making it an increasingly borderless world for business, thereby reducing barriers for potential clients.

It also allows you to form partnerships and collaborations with people around the world with different skillsets, knowledge, and perspectives.

The future of business communication is looking bright.

Fortunately, technology has dramatically advanced the ways in which we communicate and presented several innovative opportunities to boost the productivity, profitability, and globalization of your business. As such, it is fast becoming the standard way of networking, communicating, and building relationships towards success.

There may be some of you that resist this change due to the fear of the unknown. My advice is to bite the bullet, test it out, and you might learn that it's not as intimidating as first thought. Sometimes all you need is a dose of reframing and a mindset shift to see things from a more helpful perspective.

There is a tremendous opportunity for those who accept this change.

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