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The Leadership X-Factor

High Impact Leadership Through Empowered Communication

Live Out

Your Greatest Potential

Understand your needs and unlock your inner strengths


Your Power

Overcome your fears and anxieties from past experiences and triggers


Meaningful Relationships

Build deep and authentic connections


Life's Mission

Find fulfilment through a sense of passion and purpose in your work

Take Your Leadership
To The Next Level
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The Leadership X-Factor Scorecard benchmarks your ability

to confidently communicate and identifies key opportunities for leadership growth.

If you want to speak up, be seen, and get ahead in your career and life, this tool

will identify your baseline, and provide you with instant insights on how to improve 

your mindset, confidence, and communication.


Receive a personalised report and I'll show you how to get CONFIDENCE ON TAP.

It's 100% FREE & only takes

5 minutes to complete!

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"I enable senior corporate executives & 
entrepreneurs to find their unique
Leadership X-Factor -
to think, speak, and connect
like charismatic, influential leaders,
& get ahead in their careers and lives.


I can help you to cut through the clutter, and develop actionable and practical strategies, that you can apply in your life immediately

- Nicole Schmitz

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100% Repeat Client Rate.

Nicole has been such a supportive, proactive, and reliable coach. She doesn't just go by the books, and I really liked the flexible dynamic nature of our coaching. I can really trust her and rely on her guidance to execute things. 

After completing her program, I discovered so many new insights about myself and gained clarity on my values, career plan, and what I need to do to better myself and my leadership. Gaining confidence was such a big factor for me and with Nicole’s help, I was able to successfully deliver an important keynote presentation in front of a large audience - my first live presentation in 4 years and to my largest audience to date. This was definitely a good investment for me and I won’t hesitate to re-engage Nicole for future services as my career progresses. 

Venkata Valluri,
Global IT Director Analytics & Insights, 

Nicole is a highly skilled business coach who has recently helped me develop my career goals and soft skills to further my professional growth. Nicole has a unique approach to coaching and sharp eye for detail when it comes to understanding challenges you face and elements that may be holding you back. After completing a coaching course with Nicole, I feel more confident and equipped to grow my career. Working with Nicole has been a rewarding experience, and one that I highly recommend.

Ernie Kim,
International Content Lead, 

I can wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Nicole Schmitz! Nicole is very intuitive, empathetic, and encouraging. All our sessions were virtual but I was amazed at how much she picked up in my tone of voice and body language, even over a zoom call. She was great at getting me to dig deeper to insights I didn't even know were there. I was looking for some guidance from a coach as I was starting on a new phase of my career and personal life and Nicole gave me the guidance and space I needed to really build my path forward. The strategies and mechanisms she gave me through our coaching started showing results even HOURS after a session and are still serving me now, several months on. I can definitely recommend coaching with Nicole! You'll thank yourself (and Nicole) as you navigate your next steps. Thank you Nicole! 

Emily Petroff,PhD, CAPM
Veni Fellow, Research Operations Postdoc in the CHIME/FRB Collaboration, McGill University Manager,


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Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

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