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Make YOUR impact.

I use science-based strategies - rooted in Psychology - to help senior corporate executives from around the world to find their unique 

Leadership X-Factor, progress their careers, & reach their full potential.


Become The Dynamic, Charismatic, Thought Leader You Know You Can Be

Track Record

  • Chief Information Technology Officer, TSX Listed Multinational QSR Company

  • Executive Vice President, Global Technology Consulting Firm

  • Founder & Director, Multiple Global Fintech & Cybersecurity Start-Ups

  • Director Risk Management, AM & Investment Banking, Global AMC

  • Director of Competitive Strategy, Global NASDAQ Listed EAS Company

  • Global IT Director Analytics & Insights, Global ASX Listed FMCG Company

  • Head of Digital, Largest Mass Media Conglomerate MENA

  • Head of Data Engineering, Analytics & Delivery, Multinational Bank & Financial Services Company

  • Head of IT & Cyber Security, National Financial Investment Firm

  • Senior Manager - Quantitative Market Risk Analytics, Multinational Banking & FS Company


  • Asking for and receiving a promotion after only three months

  • Successfully negotiating a pay rise after just one conversation

  • Securing a new job after only one interview practice

  • Delivering a live speech in front of thousands of people

  • Turning workplace enemies into friendly allies

  • Being recognised on a global scale

  • Getting multimillion-dollar legacy projects over the line

Clarity of mindset.

Clarity of value.

Clarity of message.


Like a Leader

Increase your confidence with a structured,

growth oriented mindset 


Like a Leader

Speak up with conviction, presence, and communicate your value


Like a Leader

Stand out, be seen, and influence with impact

Latest Interview

My latest interview with Registered Training Organisation Knowledge Access (RTO Code 40961) where we discuss some of the trends and challenges that leaders face in the workplace today: finding your 'key differentiator' in an increasingly competitive landscape, developing crucial leadership soft skills in the face of AI, expressing your unique value and authenticity, and the barriers to implementing transformational change.

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Nicole Schmitz is a multi-award winning Leadership Coach who enables senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs to find their unique Leadership X-Factor    - 

which is to think, speak, and connect like highly charismatic, thought leaders,

to get them ahead in their careers and lives. Nicole has spoken in front of live audiences of 100,000+ people and has a double Bachelor's degree in Psychology & Law.


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Your Path To Finding The Leadership X-Factor



Leadership X-Factor Mastery Program


  • Do you wish to build more confidence when communicating your message and value?

  • Do you wish you demonstrate thought leadership with impact & influence?

  • Do you wish to uncover your unique brand of leadership presence?

  • Do you wish to advance your leadership career with exceptional communication skills?

The Leadership X-Factor Mastery Program is a structured and personalised leadership development program designed for senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs who want to think, speak, and connect like highly charismatic thought leaders, and get ahead in their careers and lives.

With a focus on leadership soft skills, the 6Cs methodology and Leadership Journey Model adopt a human-centered and holistic approach; tackling internal mindset, structured career planning, and external communication strategies - with the objective of helping leaders to develop and refine their authentic leadership presence; or their unique leadership blueprint.

My processes are original, proven, and will move you away from the functional and into your visionary strategic zone of genius - where you are meant to be.

Be conscious.

Be intentional.

Get out of your box.

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I’ve had great success helping experts stand out in a sea full of technically accomplished professionals by developing ‘career essential’ soft skills such as:


  • Nailing that Pitch Presentation

  • Owning a Room & Presence

  • Selling Yourself & Your Vision

  • Building Personal Brand

  • Networking & Small Talk

  • Assertiveness & Giving/Receiving Feedback

  • Managing Difficult Conversations & Conflict

  • Leadership Emotional Intelligence

  • Authentic Leadership Presence


I use science-based strategies rooted in Psychology to truly get to the core of your challenges and re-wire those bad habits - for good.

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Leadership Diplomas

  • BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

  • BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

  • BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

                                               [RTO Code 40961]

Through our strategic partnership with leading Registered Training Organisation KnowledgeAccess, we offer nationally recognised formal qualifications via RPL.

Upon completion of the Leadership X-Factor   Mastery Program, you can submit for an evidence-based assessment to attain this qualification.

This is a great step forward for leaders who wish to develop their leadership in a practical, personalised environment, as well as receive a nationally recognised formal qualification to present to employers, add to your CV, and boost your leadership credibility and authority.


The Leadership X-Factor    Scorecard


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Take Your 
Leadership Communication
To The Next Level

Answer 18 key questions to benchmark your leadership capability and potential,

and we’ll send you a personalised report with feedback tailored to your specific needs. 

It's quick, easy and 100% free.


Leadership soft skills are the vehicle

through which you

can communicate

your true value and technical expertise.

- Nicole Schmitz
LLB, BA-Psychology

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Will You Be The Next Success Story?


Nicole has been such a supportive, proactive, and reliable coach. She doesn't just go by the books, and I really liked the flexible dynamic nature of our coaching. I can really trust her and rely on her guidance to execute things. 

After completing her program, I discovered so many new insights about myself and gained clarity on my values, career plan, and what I need to do to better myself and my leadership. Gaining confidence was such a big factor for me and with Nicole’s help, I was able to successfully deliver an important keynote presentation in front of a large audience - my first live presentation in 4 years and to my largest audience to date. This was definitely a good investment for me and I won’t hesitate to re-engage Nicole for future services as my career progresses. 

Venkata Valluri,
Global IT Director Analytics & Insights, 


I can wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Nicole Schmitz! Nicole is very intuitive, empathetic, and encouraging. All our sessions were virtual but I was amazed at how much she picked up in my tone of voice and body language, even over a zoom call. She was great at getting me to dig deeper to insights I didn't even know were there. I was looking for some guidance from a coach as I was starting on a new phase of my career and personal life and Nicole gave me the guidance and space I needed to really build my path forward. The strategies and mechanisms she gave me through our coaching started showing results even HOURS after a session and are still serving me now, several months on. I can definitely recommend coaching with Nicole! You'll thank yourself (and Nicole) as you navigate your next steps. Thank you Nicole! 

Emily Petroff, Ph.D., CAPM
Veni Fellow, Research Operations Postdoc in the CHIME/FRB Collaboration, McGill University Manager,

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Working with Nicole has given me great clarity on my leadership communication, approach, style, and strategy.

One key outcome was gaining clarity over my thoughts. We built a strong, trusted relationship, where I was able to bounce ideas off to her and receive feedback and advice on how to fine-tune and balance my response to various situations.

Another key outcome was the significant improvement in my leadership communication. Through individual and group sessions, I was able to implement numerous tools and strategies such as giving more impactful presentations, providing constructive feedback, and generally conducting myself in a more professional manner. This led to key wins such as stronger stakeholder relationships and buy-in for some of my more difficult projects.

As a coach, Nicole is very thoughtful, extremely confident, and for every challenge you face, she has the right tools and processes to break them down.

Her scientific approach leads to positive outcomes, and for all these reasons, I highly recommend her as a leadership coach.

Vivek Chari
Head of Data Engineering, Analytics & Delivery, 


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When I initially reached out to Nicole, it was only just for a few sessions, and her coaching during that short period was just so useful that not only did it help me achieve a promotion only a few months later, but it encouraged me to a point where I decided to continue working with Nicole for a second time. And that has now led to a partnership that's been 18 months in the running.


Nicole armed me with the right soft skills and helped me become a leader, even on a global stage. She gave me such great advice in order to help me develop my leadership presence, even in a virtual world. It's been wonderful, honestly, seeing the results appear after all that hard work.


If you're looking for a leadership coach, I could not recommend Nicole more highly. She will be the kind of coach that will guide you to make those little steps to get you to where you want to be with your future career."


Content Lead - International Zone at Robert Half

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NSLC’s approach is unique; seeing each individual as a world of potential, with a unique story and distinctive path to success. With coaching tailored to recognise and nurture this potential, clients not just meet but exceed their personal and professional goals.

As someone deeply committed to the growth and development of leaders like yourself, I am excited to share something I believe could be transformative for your

career and personal growth.

I've spent countless hours curating an exclusive 2024 Special Report - Bridging The Gap: Key Soft Skills Trends Shaping the Future of Leadership. It breaks down years of expertise, research, and insights into a 15-minute read of the key trends that you as a leader 
need to know. 

Delve deep into the core of the evolving workplace, why soft skills have become non-negotiable, and how the imbalance in demand and supply is

redefining the workforce.

Are you ready to evolve and embrace the skills that will define the leaders of tomorrow? 

Business For Good


Your contributions matter!

In conjunction with my recent partnership with B1G1, and in line with my commitment to the

UN Sustainable Goals, for every business transaction, I will provide support to various causes

around the globe.

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