The Leadership X-Factor

High Impact Leadership Through Empowered Communication

Live Out

Your Greatest Potential

Understand your needs and unlock your inner strengths


Your Power

Overcome your fears and anxieties from past experiences and triggers


Meaningful Relationships

Build deep and authentic connections


Life's Mission

Find fulfilment through a sense of passion and purpose in your work

Take Your Leadership
To The Next Level
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The Communication Power Scorecard benchmarks your ability

to confidently communicate and identifies key opportunities for leadership growth.

If you want to speak up, be seen, and get ahead in your career and life, this tool

will identify your baseline, and provide you with instant insights on how to improve 

your mindset, confidence, and communication.


Receive a personalised report and I'll show you how to get CONFIDENCE ON TAP.

It's 100% FREE & only takes

5 minutes to complete!

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"I enable corporate professionals and entrepreneurs to find their
Leadership X-Factor -
where they think, speak, and connect
with impact, to get ahead
in their careers and lives.


I can help you to cut through the clutter, and develop actionable and practical strategies, that you can apply in your life immediately

- Nicole Schmitz

Laptop and Plant

100% Repeat Client Rate.

Nicole is a highly skilled business coach who has recently helped me develop my career goals and soft skills to further my professional growth. Nicole has a unique approach to coaching and sharp eye for detail when it comes to understanding challenges you face and elements that may be holding you back. After completing a coaching course with Nicole, I feel more confident and equipped to grow my career. Working with Nicole has been a rewarding experience, and one that I highly recommend.

Ernie Kim,

Communications Manager, 


Nicole helped me with my struggle in pitching my ideas to an important client. I felt like I had a lot of value to offer but I didn't know how to confidently pitch my ideas or how to ask for a bigger budget. Nicole helped me to identify my limiting beliefs and what was holding me back - including how much I value my time and what its worth pricing wise - and we created a strategy about how to pitch my ideas. The client immediately accepted my terms! This was incredible exciting as I wouldn't have built up the courage, or have done with such a high level of professionalism was it not for Nicole's coaching. We also tackled future planning and made a 5 year career plan. Nicole takes impossible mindsets and turns them around to something possible and achievable. She's great to work with; she's friendly, open and honest, and has certainly brought the best out in me. 

Erin McGufficke,

Marketing, Design and Eco Sustainability Consultant,


Nicole is an extremely gifted and inspiring individual . I love how Nicole respectively challenges my thinking and opens my mind to new possibilities. I am truly impressed with Nicole’s ability to quickly uncover the ‘real’ cause of my issues and her very practical and effective solutions to help me overcome these. She is deeply intuitive, listens attentively and has a high emotional intelligence. Nicole also has a great sense of humour and is extremely approachable, passionate and professional. She is customer focussed and solution driven. Integrity is really important to her. I’d highly recommend Nicole to anyone.

Leah Fletcher,

CEO Fashion Brand,


Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

Sourced from independent review sites

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Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

Sourced from independent review sites

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