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Become The Dynamic, Charismatic, Thought Leader You Know You Can Be

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Leadership X-Factor Mastery Program


My flagship Leadership X-Factor    Mastery Program is a structured and holistic leadership development program designed for senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs who want to think, speak, and connect like a leader, to get ahead in their careers and lives.

The 6C’s methodology and Leadership Journey Model are original, proven, and science-based.

It is designed to help you to develop the 'career essential' soft skills required to reach your peak career level.

Take the first step to create the career and life you deserve!


Leadership X-Factor Mastery Training


Get instant access to this unique and proven methodology to develop the 'career essential' soft skills required to reach your peak career level.

It's an all-encompassing, holistic approach to overcoming your leadership career blind spots and progress in your career. All while using nothing but the natural strengths and tools you already possess within YOU.

Are you ready to lead with confidence and become a true thought leader in your field?

Nicole Schmitz Pitch Deck BG (1).png
Leadership X-Factor Mastery Training

Track Record

  • Chief Information Technology Officer, TSX Listed Multinational QSR Company

  • Executive Vice President, Global Technology Consulting Firm

  • Founder & Director, Multiple Global Fintech & Cybersecurity Start-Ups

  • Director Risk Management, AM & Investment Banking, Global AMC

  • Director of Competitive Strategy, Global NASDAQ Listed EAS Company

  • Global IT Director Analytics & Insights, Global ASX Listed FMCG Company

  • Head of Digital, Largest Mass Media Conglomerate MENA

  • Head of Data Engineering, Analytics & Delivery, Multinational Bank & Financial Services Company

  • Head of IT & Cyber Security, National Financial Investment Firm

  • Senior Manager - Quantitative Market Risk Analytics, Multinational Banking & FS Company

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NEW Testimonial Template (writtenvid) (1920 × 1080 px) (1) (1).png

Nicole was genuinely interested to understand more about the unique experiences that have shaped my leadership style over my lifetime, and delve deeper to understand the reasoning behind these influences. She also has this unique ability to challenge my thinking and open my mind to new perspectives - within a safe, guiding space. Through this process, I learned a lot more about myself than I would have ever discovered on my own.

After completing her coaching program, I feel I'm in a much better position, and much more confident in the leadership role I've undertaken.

I certainly recommend Nicole's services. If you do get the opportunity to meet with and work with Nicole, it will definitely help your own career development and help you to find your unique Leadership X-Factor that will make your leadership thrive.


Manager - Business Intelligence at Australian Retirement Trust

Leadership Diplomas

  • BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

  • BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

  • BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

                                                                          [RTO Code 40961]

Through our strategic partnership with leading Registered Training Organisation KnowledgeAccess, we offer nationally recognised formal qualifications via RPL.

Upon completion of the Leadership X-Factor    Mastery Program, you can submit for an evidence-based assessment to attain this qualification.

This is a great step forward for leaders who wish to develop their leadership in a practical, personalised environment, as well as receive a nationally recognised formal qualification to present to employers, add to your CV, and boost your leadership credibility/authority.


Leadership Diplomas
Woman working in the office

Strategy Session

This is a standalone strategy session where we deep dive and tackle a prominent leadership challenge you are currently facing. We will work through the issue and come up with some quick wins and strategies for you to take away and implement immediately.

1:1 Personalised Session (60 Minutes)

Strategy Session

The session with Nicole was incredibly insightful, helped distill down some the challenges to core principles. She listened actively, and made a huge difference to how I look at challenges going forward. Can't recommend her highly enough.

Siddharth Jolapara,
Chapter Lead - Integrated Planning and Analytics, 


With only a few minutes into our conversation, Nicole understood the deep-down issues that I had when it came to communication. She not only identified the root cause but came up with immediate, personalised, and actionable steps. I sincerely feel that several years of struggle can be cut down if one can work closely with her. If you want to become an empowered communicator, Nicole Schmitz is your go-to person. I highly recommend getting to know where you stand from the empowered communicator scorecard before discussing with her.

Lokesh Rajendrababu
Chartered Accountant, 

DISC & Motivators Assessment

The DISC and Motivators Assessment is an effective tool that gives you insight and a deeper understanding of your behavioural type. Check your leadership behaviour, increase your self-awareness, know what keeps you motivated, set actionable strategies in place, and improve your overall career performance.

Psychometric Assessment With 60-Page Report Plus

1:1 Personalised In-depth Debrief (90 Minutes)

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NEW Testimonial Template (writtenvid) (1920 × 1080 px).png
NEW Testimonial Template (writtenvid) (1920 × 1080 px) (1) (1).png

Nicole and I discussed in detail the core challenges that I have and the potential reasons behind them. The sessions I've had with her have helped me immensely to overcome my fears and change my mindset.

The best part of her program is the Speak Mastery Practicals. These have significantly enhanced my presentation skills and helped me to deliver my message in a more structured, clear, and impressive manner, and with more confidence - particularly to non-tech audiences.


Nicole has been very patient with me, listening to all of my challenges, and providing me with great guidance. I definitely believe the confidence that I have gotten through this program will help me to progress well in my career and help me to achieve my leadership aspirations."


Test Manager at Macquarie Group 

CV Makeover
Curriculum Vitae

CV Makeover

Based on my experience in Executive Search, I will advise and provide you with an outline on how to update and revamp your CV - content, layout, structure, and design, as well as provide options for templates for you to DIY.

CV Makeover DFY Service

In addition to the session above, I will implement the outlined plan and provide you with a complete finished professional CV product.

1:1 Personalised Workshop With Mulltiple Reviews

Speech Writing

Need a speech to impress potential clients, partners, colleagues, and other people? Whether you need it for an event, training, or a TED-style talk, you no longer have to spend so much time and effort worrying about connecting with your audience. For a high-quality speech, book this service today!

Quick Turnaround

Male Speaker
Speech Writin
Informational Interview

Interview Preparation Package

Workshop including CV Makeover Strategy Session + in-depth Interview Practice Session (content, preparation, delivery, culture, personality) to equip you with the tools, strategies, and approach to ace your next interview and secure your dream role.

CV Makeover + Interview Preparation Workshop ( 90 Minutes)


Personal Coaching

Yes, you’ve worked on your professional skills and unique leadership blueprint. But you feel like there’s still something missing. Further explore and conquer your personal challenges to complement your holistic transformation journey.

Personal Coaching


Need guidance to develop your leadership identity? Start your career strong, make the right first impression, and set the foundation for your long-term success. Get to the core, overcome existing confidence challenges and develop the leadership soft skills necessary to articulate value with clarity, influence, and impact. I will guide you in creating a structured career plan so that you seize crucial career opportunities and succeed in your budding career. 

6 -month Personalised Program + 1 Speak Mastery Session + 1:1 Sustainability Session 


I've been working with Nicole for two years now, across three different programs, and I can confidently say it's been the best investment that I've ever made in my life.

Her leadership program has been such a critical part in understanding who I am and has empowered me greatly as a female entrepreneur. She helped me to increase my leadership confidence whilst still remaining authentic and true to myself - which is really important to me.

She provided me with numerous tools and strategies including practical exercises, personalised readings, and psychometric testing - all of which have allowed me to understand myself on a much deeper level, connect more meaningfully with others, move forward with a clear direction, and discover my highest potential.

I'm really grateful for the work that I’ve done with Nicole. If you need help with your career or life, or simply want to become a better version of yourself, you should definitely invest in Nicole because she has changed my life.

Lillian Chueh,
Founder of Lily Lily Jewellery, 


The reason why I came to Nicole for help was due to my anxieties with trying out new things, whether it be any new experiences or even having to mingle with new people. Even on the days that were leading up to our session, my head was getting filled with anxiety as I don’t usually open up to others regarding the deep thoughts going through my mind. However, Nicole made sure to really make me feel comfortable and I was surprised how easy it was to talk to her and how easily I was able to open up to her about my problems. I really wanted to get to the root cause of what may have caused my anxieties, as I wasn’t always like this, and despite the limited time that we had, she was able to really work it through with me, which is amazing. There were times that Nicole used her personal experiences to relate to what I’m going through, which really comforted me knowing that I’m not alone with the thoughts that’s been driving me crazy. Nicole is definitely someone that I would recommend to anyone who needs life coaching and I thank her for the advice she gave me to help me with regards to my problem of overthinking almost every situation!

Carmella Tuazon,
Accounting Professional,


Nicole is fantastic! I had a few sessions with Nicole talking about my relationship and career issues. She never failed in identifying my pain points and asked the right questions. Her psychology background makes her see things through and coach with strong empathy. During the sessions, she inspired me to honestly assess myself, deeply explore myself and make sure I made a commitment to move forward. I look forward to developing a long term coaching relationship with her.

Meggie Han,
APAC Talent Development Manager, 

Your Contribution Counts

B1G1 is a global movement that uses businesses as a force of good to reach countless worthy causes with more than 200 million giving impacts around the world. 


You can contribute towards social impact in a meaningful way as every service will result in a giving impact.

See examples below: 

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Start your journey towards self discovery.

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Start YOUR journey towards self discovery.

Your journey towards leadership transformation is one call away, and self discovery is just the first step.


Alternatively, contact:

T: +61427279969

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