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To enable senior corporate executives &

entrepreneurs to find their unique



to think, speak, and connect like

highly influential, charismatic

thought leaders. 


I see a world where all people, regardless of their background or experience, stand on an equal platform to share their voice. 


I aspire to be a global brand that helps people connect freely with themselves and others, and inspire a better world.



I went from being as quiet as a mouse to speaking on a global stage of 100,000+ people...

and I've taken that experience to the boardroom and presented my brilliant ideas to top CEO's in Australia and around the world.









My Journey

Nicole is a certified leadership coach and soft skills expert with a double Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Law.

  • Leadership Coach

  • Soft Skills & Communication Expert

  • Trained Psychologist & Lawyer

  • International Speaker

  • Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

  • YouTube Host

  • Avid Traveller

  • Nature Lover

Nicole is a certified leadership coach, and soft skills and communication expert, with a double Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Law.

Nicole's journey towards leadership and confident communication began early in life, where she went from being as quiet as a mouse to speaking on a global stage of 100k + people. She then took this experience to the boardroom to influence top CEO's in Australia and the world.

Through extensive research and reflection on her own personal experience, Nicole identified a strong need for soft skills coaching in the corporate and entrepreneurial space. She observed too many professionals who were extremely intelligent and possessed technical skills, however, were unable to reach their full leadership potential due to weak communication skills.

So at the start of 2021, and in the midst of the global pandemic where mindset, confidence & communication was at an all-time low,  she brought her vision to life and launched her global online coaching business.

Within the first 2 months, she had clients across 10 countries, and helped them to speak up, be seen, and get ahead in their careers through results such as quadrupling their income and gaining promotion.

She attributes these successes to her unique ability to cut through the clutter and get straight to the core of people’s needs and challenges and develop personalized, practical, and simple solutions they can utilize immediately.


Nicole has immersed herself in the cultures of over 45 countries, lived in 4 cities, and has now settled in her home city Sydney, Australia.


Currently, Nicole is tracking well to achieve her 2030 goal of helping 20,000 people across the globe to find their unique Leadership X-Factor.

Nicole is a certified coach, holds a double Bachelor's degree in Law and Psychology, and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Learn more about my story here.

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