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I went from being as quiet as a mouse to speaking on a global stage of 100,000+ people...

and I've taken that experience to the boardroom and presented my brilliant ideas to top CEOs in Australia and around the world.

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My Journey

Nicole is a certified leadership coach and soft skills expert with a double Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Law.

  • Leadership Coach

  • Soft Skills & Communication Expert

  • LLB, BA-Psych

  • International Speaker

  • Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

  • YouTube Host

  • Avid Traveller

  • Nature Lover

Nicole is a certified leadership coach, and soft skills and communication expert, with a double Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Law.

Nicole's journey towards leadership and confident communication began early in life, where she went from being as quiet as a mouse to speaking on a global stage of 100k + people. She then took this experience to the boardroom to influence top CEOs in Australia and the world.

Through extensive research and reflection on her own personal experience, Nicole identified a strong need for soft skills coaching in the corporate and entrepreneurial space. She observed too many professionals who were extremely intelligent and possessed technical skills, however, were unable to reach their full leadership potential due to weak communication skills.

So at the start of 2021, and in the midst of the global pandemic where mindset, confidence & communication was at an all-time low,  she brought her vision to life and launched her global online coaching business.

She now has clients across 10 countries around the world and helped them to speak up, be seen, and get ahead in their careers through results such as quadrupling their income and securing a promotion after only 3 months.

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She attributes these successes to her unique ability to cut through the clutter and get straight to the core of people’s needs and challenges and develop personalized, practical, and simple solutions they can utilize immediately.


Nicole has immersed herself in the cultures of over 45 countries, lived in 4 cities, and has now settled in her home city Sydney, Australia.


Currently, Nicole is tracking well to achieve her 2030 goal of helping 20,000 people across the globe to find their unique Leadership X-Factor.

Nicole is a certified coach, holds a double Bachelor's degree in Law and Psychology, and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Learn more about my story here.

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How is my Leadership Coaching different from others?

Nicole Schmitz Leadership Coaching is all about developing a close relationship, creating a safe, nurturing environment, getting to the core of your leadership barriers, and helping you develop the essential leadership skills required to reach your peak career level.

Nicole works closely together with you and creates a tailored and personalized full suite of support through coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training aligned with your career goals. All services are tailored to you and your situation by getting to know your story, who you are, and who you want to be as a leader.


With her academic background in Psychology, she uses psychology-based insights to help you get to the core of your leadership setbacks and works closely with you to find your authentic leadership presence, and create lasting change for your life and career.

She will work with you to empower you, guide you, and push you to be the highly influential, charismatic, thought leader you know you can be. 

Work with Nicole Schmitz and use your authentic Leadership X-Factor to take your career to the next level.

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I've been working with Nicole for two years now, across three different programs, and I can confidently say it's been the best investment that I've ever made in my life. 

Her leadership program has been such a critical part in understanding who I am and has empowered me greatly as a female entrepreneur. She helped me to increase my leadership confidence whilst still remaining authentic and true to myself - which is really important to me.

I'm really grateful for the work that I've done with Nicole. If you need help with your career or life, or simply want to become a better version of yourself, you should definitely invest in Nicole because she has changed my life.


Founder of Live By Gold

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The first time I met Nicole, we instantly hit it off. I felt very comfortable with her - like I already knew her - and that we had a genuine connection.


Nicole has this unique talent where she can pinpoint the right root cause of my leadership challenges. I would give her all of the information and she was able to break it down and find the practical solution and action plan to move forward.


This made every session I had with her an eye-opener; there was always something new that I learned about myself!


I have grown so much in my confidence, self-understanding, and overall leadership, through practical solutions that are easy to implement - and that has been my true AHA moment with her.


Senior Manager, Capital Markets, 1st Line Operational Risk, Control & Governance 

Nicole is an extremely gifted and inspiring individual . I love how Nicole respectively challenges my thinking and opens my mind to new possibilities. I am truly impressed with Nicole’s ability to quickly uncover the ‘real’ cause of my issues and her very practical and effective solutions to help me overcome these. She is deeply intuitive, listens attentively and has a high emotional intelligence. Nicole also has a great sense of humour and is extremely approachable, passionate and professional. She is customer focused and solution driven. Integrity is really important to her. I’d highly recommend Nicole to anyone.

Leah Fletcher,
CEO Fashion Brand,


Having traveled to 45 countries, immersing myself in different cultures, and having a multicultural background myself, it has been one of my mission to promote quality education, reduce inequality, and stand for women's rights.

These recent times have given me a newfound sense of purpose and have propelled me to go beyond making a difference in my clients' lives, and into becoming a sustainable business that supports worthy global causes close to my heart.

Since my business' inception, I’ve been a part of 1% Pledge - a global movement that encourages and empowers companies to donate 1% of their time, product, profit, and/or equity to their desired cause. I’ve also recently been welcomed into the B1G1 giving community - a global movement that uses businesses as a force of good to reach countless worthy causes with more than 200 million giving impacts around the world. I now have the privilege to contribute towards social impact in a meaningful way by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations.


And through this, I am able to incorporate my commitment to the UN Sustainable Goals of providing Quality Education and Reducing Inequality.

Your contributions matter!

In conjunction with my recent partnership with B1G1, and in line with my commitment to the

UN Sustainable Goals, for every business transaction, I will provide support to various causes

around the globe.

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Full Suite Of Support

Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting, and Training


Nicole provides her clients with the full suite of support through coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training.

Nicole seeks ongoing professional relationships that are client driven and focused on setting goals, creating outcomes, and managing professional and personal change. She works closely with clients to identify key opportunities for leadership development based on individual strengths and capabilities.

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their professional and personal potential.

Mentoring is sharing knowledge, skills, and life experience to guide others toward reaching their full potential; it’s a journey of shared discovery.

Consulting provides, in a professional manner, expert advice that a client lacks or provides support that a client is unable to fulfill.

Training programs provide preliminary objectives which are further clarified in the coaching process, then set by the individual or team being coached, with guidance provided by the coach.

Nicole applies coaching methods throughout her practice, as this approach leads to greater self-awareness and sustained results for her clients. Mentoring, consulting, and training elements are defined by the client's specific needs.


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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organisation dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

As the world’s largest organisation of professionally trained coaches, ICF confers instant credibility upon its members through its stringent education and experience requirements, core competencies, and code of ethics and standards.

Every ICF Member represents the highest quality of professional coaching and has a commitment to integrity, understanding and mastery of coaching skills, and dedication to clients.

ICF Core Competencies

ICF Code Of Ethics

Nicole is credentialed as a certified professional coach through Coach Transformation Academy (CTA), and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Disclaimer: Nicole Schmitz is not affiliated with AHPRA or the Law Society of NSW. Her ideas constitute general advice and should not be taken as formal therapy or legal advice.

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