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Wesley Greer
Wesley Greer

When I'm thinking about developing a WordPress project, every detail matters. I need a clear WordPress development project plan that will deliver results that meet my expectations. So I turned to the technique described on GetDevDon to create the perfect plan for my project. At the beginning of my journey is a precise definition of the project's goals. It's like a compass pointing the direction. The next step is to analyze the audience and its needs. After all, the site should not only be beautiful, but also functional for users. Next, I work out the site structure in detail. I imagine what pages and features will be necessary to achieve my goals. Of course, I don’t forget about the unique design that will make my site stand out from the crowd. Before starting development, I create a detailed technical specification. This is the basis of the entire process, ensuring that every step is worked out to the smallest detail. It is this approach that will ensure effective interaction with the development team.


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