Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a personalized collaborative partnership that will allow you to tap into your full potential and develop the natural leadership tools that you already possess. The success of  organizations and businesses rely heavily on their leaders and their leader’s capacity to steer the organization towards growth and progress. When you work with Nicole Scmitz, you will get 1:1 sessions and expert guidance so you can cultivate your unique leadership style and presence. During your meetings, you will map out action plan, break every leadership and communication barriers, and achieve success in your life and business.

Who is it for?

The 1:1 Leadership Coaching is designed to help senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs improve their leadership performance and get ahead in their careers and business. This development, in turn, trickles down their organization through their day-to-day operation and their effective leadership style would be seen in their happy and motivated team members.

If you are someone who desires to…
👉 Become an effective leader
👉 Cultivate your leadership traits, style, and presence
👉 Thrive in any difficult situation
👉 Inspire and successfully manage your team 
👉 Hone your soft skills and leadership communication skills
👉 Increase your income and gain a promotion 

Then, this package is for you.

How is this Leadership Coaching different from others?

Your coach will give you a customized program that tailors to you and your needs by knowing who you are as a person, what your career goals are, and where you want to be in the future. What sets this program apart from others is its goal to develop you holistically by honing your soft skills and finding your authentic Leadership X-Factor presence. She will work with you to empower you, guide you, and push you to be the highly influential leader you dream to be. 

Work with Nicole Schmitz, Leadership Coach, trained psychologist and lawyer, and take your leadership to the next level.

Schedule your consultation today to start achieving your goals.

Check out the Leadership X-Factor Mastery Program

The Leadership X-Factor Mastery Program is a structured leadership and communications program designed for corporate professionals and entrepreneurs who want to think, speak, and connect like a leader, to get ahead in their careers and lives.

It is for those who know they're intelligent and have brilliant ideas but struggle to articulate them with clarity, impact, and influence and thereby are unable to reach their full potential. It is also for those who wish to exude more confidence, personality, and charisma to really make an impact as a highly influential leader.

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