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[S2E3] Never No More

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He discovered that he and Darnell were more alike than he'd realized. While Spencer had had an absentee father in Corey, Darnell had an absentee mother, with Corey as the only parent he had known in recent years.

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It's never clear exactly what the stakes are supposed to be on The Morning Show. Are we supposed to be invested in the two women at the center of the action, Bradley and Alex, finding their way forward together and forging some kind of professional trust? Are we supposed to be invested in each of them, individually, finding her own ethical North Star? Are we supposed to care who succeeds and fails among the on-air talent? Are things like Alex's new office supposed to be juicy details about how the media really operates? Am I supposed to be thinking about the plight of poor Mitch, isolated on Lake Como, drowning in money but sometimes faced with consequences of his actions?

We're back at Pyke, with our old friend Theon inspecting his surroundings, furnished and comfortable. He's confronted by his sister Yara once more, because she lives there, and he lashes out at her. "Are you angry with me, brother?" she asks coyly. "You lying bitch!" Theon's still raging at his rather lukewarm reception from his family, and groping who he didn't think was his sister. She quips that it wasn't her fault that he didn't recognize her, and Theon retorts that she used to look like a fat little boy. "Why didn't you tell me first?" he demands. "I wanted to see who you were first. [laughs] And I did." Balon Greyjoy enters the scene, flanked by several Ironborn guards. He announces that their invasion plan for the undefended North is ready: Yara will attack Deepwood Motte with thirty longships, while Theon will... attack fishermen on the coast of the Stony Shore. At Theon's furious retort, Yara says snarkily: "Be careful of their nets." After Yara and Balon put Theon down some more, he tries again to plead that his family ally themselves with the Starks. "Why risk going against the North if they would be our allies?" Balon angrily reminds him of the Greyjoy words and their stubbornness... "We Do Not Sow." Theon reminds his father of how he was given away to the Starks after he bent the knee to Robert Baratheon when the Ironborn were absolutely crushed in their attempted rebellion. Balon's reply to his son is a swift backhand into a table. Balon departs, and Yara has one more thing to say to her brother: "Make your choice, Theon and do it quickly. Our ships sail with or without you."

The final scene also had to be redesigned in relation to the books, due to the constraints imposed by the location, the schedule, and the time restrictions for the child actors. Cogman's first draft was more similar to the books, with Arya, Gendry, Lommy, and Hot Pie first fleeing and then being captured, but finally it was decided to combine both scenes. Cogman was also dismayed that he had to cut one of his favourite scenes in the books: Arya and Hot Pie charging while shouting the battle cries "Winterfell" and "Hot Pie."[2]

On September 12, 2011, while filming was taking place in Renly's camp, the high winds caused by Hurricane Katia destroyed a steel-framed marquee and five extras received minor injuries.[7] Furthermore, the extreme weather conditions made some of the footage unusable, and they had to rebuild the set in October to reshoot some scenes. Among the scenes that had to be repeated there was the duel between Brienne and Loras and Catelyn's arrival.[8]

Clementine is, alas, already asleep. I sure hope she remembers what she heard once she wakes up! Whilst Victoria Mars has a meltdown, Duke Silver makes for the cemetery to begin his investigation, and gets a lot more than he bargained for: as he arr


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