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Miles Lee

Ayathana Sangrahaya Sinhala PDF: How to Read, Print and Share the Document

what a clever idea! Ive been fascinated with my Sri Lankan roots and I have been wanting to learn Sinhala and your blog has been very helpful. I was on the fence when I first set up this site (dont tell anyone!) but your positivity and helping people is very refreshing. So the website is coming along nicely. And im really happy to hear it is useful and brought you closer to your roots. As you said Sri Lankan is far more different than our culture to the Indian culture we are familiar with, so I am sure you will continue to come across new things on your travels. Anyway, Ive written a small e book on Sri Lankan food and its absolutely free to download at . It contains all the Sinhala basics: - food, greetings, day of the week, and so on. If you have any feedback, please let me know. It has taken a lot of work but hopefully will be useful when you are trying to learn Sinhala or if you are interested in visiting the island.

ayathana sangrahaya sinhala pdf free download

Download Zip:

Hi Dilshan, Ive just searched Sinhala on the net and your blog is just amazing. Its an inspiration to me to learn more about my roots and my culture. I believe there is a lot more to learn that I have yet to discover. I come from a bengali family and living in India means we do not have a lot of exposure to our culture. I had always wanted to learn Sinhala and after reading your blog I decided that this is where I should start. It sounds as though you know a lot and I look forward to hearing more of your experiences. I think a lot of people who want to learn Sinhala are stumped as to where to start. My book is pretty basic, but it is a start. I will try and include some of your videos to make learning Sinhala a bit easier. Cheers, Dilshan


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