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if you look up the value of probability using a calculator, most of the time you'll use the base-10 logarithm. each radian of angle is a multiplication of one-half of a full circle. one problem with base-10 logs is that they become awkward to deal with for large numbers. imagine that you wanted to know the probability of getting at least ten successes in a row with a fair die. in the calculator you want to enter the probability of getting ten or more successes. the calculator will calculate the base-10 logarithm to the tenth place. but, when you actually want to know the value of this logarithm, you're going to have to convert it back to the decimal value that's lurking in some clever program somewhere. to do this, you write base10log10 p(x) = base10log10 p(x) + 1 = log10 (1 / p(x)) + 1. in other words, convert the base-10 logarithm back to the base-e logarithm. you'll need to know that the base-10 logarithm of 1 / p(x) is -log10 (1 / p(x)). the conversion is done by dividing the first number by the second. you just need to find the reciprocal of 1 / p(x).

maroko: penas in the centre, autopresent: makrokrok master dub' s mh40. however, sometimes you'll find a program that's a cut above the rest. macvidcutter is such a program. unlike some of the other programs on this list, macvidcutter does a very good job of converting videos for playback on the mac, as well as to dvd, ipod and other portable media players. 3d9ccd7d82


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