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Emperor Battle For Dune Mod


Emperor Battle For Dune Mod

Hey everybody it's me again :) I have one more question somebody knows mod which can upgrade the AI. I finished Emperor battle for dune a lot of times (19 maybe 21) 8) and I know this game very well so it became too easy because the AI is hmmm a little silly :P.

The Tech Tree ----In dune2000 carryalls are like a luxury to your core harvesting abilities. They just speed up the process; but the key in dune2000 was that they came at a certain tech level. In EBFD this idea was scrapped; and carryalls were expected to escort every harvester all of the time. With the introduction of the refinery dock upgrade; this allowed refineries to upgrade two additional docks; originally intended to reduce queue times at the refinery; however they would each also come along with their own harvester and carryall. But not anymore.

Thanks, I used to really want to get that unused snow tiles into a snow set. You should try out emperor; you can get it for free @ some places I believe, though I run it from a disk.The modding capabilities of dune2000 often puts me off; as its still not possible to add new units, and making each faction more unique in that game is really everyones dream, but tilesets and new maps are also cool, as that game has timeless aesthetic. I might take a look at it again soon; but I know i'll be encouraged to remake it from scratch in a new engine if I do so.Thanks for dropping in and saying Hi. Its always nice to know we are not invisible

I think you mean these changes oriented to skirmish, but how about campaign (although campaign plays a lot like skirmish) it may be interesting at some point playing dune emperor with that dune 2000 mindset; I agree on some points with the speed (and in campaign it doesn't help you can get Sardaukar or Ixian bombs early and win a map in 3 minutes, and I an not a speedrunner at all).he tech it's roughly the same".

Its so cool people are still playing and modding this game. I started playing this game again for the first time in a long time last year, and just started modding it. I mainly focused on improving infantry units and adding more units for each faction. I also wanted to be able to build the mega cannons for the Ix and Guild that you could see in some campaign levels and take over, but not build in the skirmishes. I had to reduce their power to make them more balanced. The one thing I really want to do but don't know if it is possible, is to make it so there is more than three main factions available to play in the skirmish, and turn some of the subhouses into their own independent factions. Adding units in the rules and artini files is easy, but I can't figure out if its possible to add new main factions. I tried messing around with some of the files in the UI directory, but can't figure it out. It would be cool to be able to have just a Fremen faction fighting against House Corrino and House Harkonnen, or have a battle between just House Vernius of the Ix and the Bene Tleilaxu.

Objectives in the first, battles chosen on the map and homeworld missions in the campaign is to destroy the enemy base by destroying all buildings(Exception in next sentence) or making the enemy AI retreat. Destroying windtraps is not mandatory. Cutting power slows down unit recruitment, but not base building speed and also disables turrets that require power.

Hi) I am glad that people are still playing the game and the game is not forgotten. Even on Moddb I saw a mod that one person saws - -iii-the-battle-for-universe Yowane's fan wrote: There is a UISPOKEN.txt file in the game archives, it lies in the archive STRINGS0001.RFH. As I understand it, this file contains text messages for the mentat during the game and the text of various pop-up tips. Nothing interesting. You are mistaken about the fact that there is no interesting :) If you delve into the text messages of the mentat, it becomes clear that some missions in the game simply do not exist :))) Yowane's fan wrote:


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