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Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Immersion Bluray 4.0 Quad FLAC

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Immersion Bluray 4.0 Quad FLAC >>>

Compared to the classic stereo mix, the quad version takes some creative liberties, and lacks some musicality found on all the other mixes. This mix feels dryer and spreads instruments very wide, leaving some wholes but also providing wonderful separation among the various instruments. A significant extra appears between Have a Cigar and Wish You Were Here, with a few bars added to the guitar solo after it has been compressed to the range of an AM radio. Likewise the transition when starting to change stations is very smooth. Apparently these bars were left on the cutting floor in the original stereo mix. We noticed the guitar solo is so subtle during the break between the versus, and the synths are somewhat louder, that this section doesn't carry as well as the other mixes. We absolutely enjoy the swirling movement of the synthesizer during WYWH Part 6, however, we really here the wind as cheezy analog synths, which is not nearly as apparent in all the other mixes. Likewise, the synths during WYWH part 9 come across as dry, lacking depth in the mix. Yet, we also appreciate the movement of the buzzing shimmer that slowly brings the listener down at the end of this incredible album.

Maybe the absence of information or historical notes, and the clear marbles leave us with some thoughs..i we wish they were there... , i mean, could be a way to make us feel the loneliness of the whole album.. something its missing here!!! i'ts only my oppinion...:)

With the wealth of material inside the box, it would take a long time to cover everything in detail. Also, one of the joys of this box set is the discovery element - whether it is the gradual unboxing, revealing each of the items in turn, or seeing/hearing the mass of incredible, previously unreleased (or only available on the odd bootleg) material, restored to the highest possible quality using current technology and some of the finest hands on the controls. Yes, there are the odd things which exist on bootleg which haven't been included on the set, and yes, there are items on all our wish lists that aren't here - but then some of those items were probably on the band's own wish list but no longer exist/could not be found/could not be found in time for release on this box set; with so much material, there would have to be certain cut-off dates for preparation and also band member approvals. It was never going to be 100% complete so let's celebrate what IS there, rather than what's not. Anyway, what follows is more a quick look through, picking out highlights as we go, rather than detail on everything. An in depth overview if you like! It is still quite a lengthy review so make yourself comfortable and let's have a year-by-year wander through the entire box set... 1e1e36bf2d


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