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How to Crack the Code of Decompiling EX4 to MQ4 Files

Are you a forex trader who uses MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform and wants to access the source code of your expert advisors (EAs), indicators, scripts and other custom programs? If so, you might be interested in decompiling EX4 to MQ4 files.


EX4 files are executable files that contain the code of your MT4 programs. They are compiled from MQ4 files, which are the source code files written in MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4). Decompiling is the process of reversing the compilation and converting an executable file back to its source code.

But why would you want to decompile an EX4 file? There are several reasons why you might want to do that, such as:

  • You want to modify or improve an existing program that you bought or downloaded from a third-party source.

  • You want to learn from the code of other programmers and improve your own skills and knowledge.

  • You want to debug or fix an error or a bug in a program that is not working properly.

  • You want to recover your own code that you lost by accident or due to a computer crash.

In this article, we will show you how to crack the code of decompiling EX4 to MQ4 files using some tools and methods available online. However, before we proceed, we need to warn you about some risks and challenges involved in this process.

The Risks and Challenges of Decompiling EX4 to MQ4

First of all, you should know that decompiling EX4 to MQ4 files is not a simple or straightforward task. It requires some technical skills and knowledge, as well as patience and perseverance. There are many factors that can make decompiling difficult or impossible, such as:

  • The version of MT4 and MQL4 used to compile the EX4 file. Older versions of MT4 used a different compiler than newer versions, which means that some EX4 files can be decompiled easier than others.

  • The level of protection and obfuscation applied to the EX4 file by its developer. Some developers use various techniques to prevent or discourage decompiling, such as encryption, compression, renaming variables and functions, adding junk code, etc.

  • The quality and accuracy of the decompiler tool used. There are many decompiler tools available online, but not all of them are reliable or effective. Some of them may produce errors, incomplete or unreadable code, or even malware.

Secondly, you should know that decompiling EX4 to MQ4 files may not be legal or ethical in some cases. Most EAs for MT4 are distributed without source code, which means that the developer does not want to disclose it or share it with others. Decompiling may violate the intellectual property rights of the developer and expose their trade secrets. It may also breach the terms and conditions of using MT4 or the EA itself.

Therefore, before you attempt to decompile an EX4 file, you should first contact its developer and ask for their permission or cooperation. If they agree to share the source code with you, then you don't need to decompile it at all. If they refuse or ignore your request, then you should respect their decision and look for other alternatives.

Decompiling EX4 to MQ4 files should only be done for educational purposes or personal use, and not for commercial gain or malicious intent. You should also give credit to the original developer and not claim their work as your own.

The Tools and Methods for Decompiling EX4 to MQ4

If you still want to proceed with decompiling an EX4 file, then you will need some tools and methods to help you with this process. Here are some of them:

EX4 to MQ4 Converters

These are online services or software applications that claim to convert EX4 files to MQ4 files automatically. You just need to upload your EX4 file and wait for the conversion result. Some examples of these converters are:

  • This is a free online converter that supports various file formats, including EX4 and MQ4. You just need to select your EX4 file from your computer or cloud storage and click on "Convert Now". You can then download your MQ4 file after the conversion.

  • This is a paid service that offers both online and offline conversion of EX5 (the newer version of EX4) and EX4 files to MQ5 (the newer version of MQ4) and MQ4 files respectively. You need to register an account and pay a fee depending on the size and complexity of your file. You can then upload your file and receive your converted file via email.

However, as we mentioned earlier, these converters may not work for all EX4 files or produce accurate or readable code. They may also contain viruses or malware that can harm your computer or steal your data. Therefore, you should use them with caution and at your own risk.

Decompiler Tools

These are software applications that can analyze an executable file and generate its source code in a specific programming language. They are usually used by programmers or hackers to reverse engineer software applications for various purposes. Some examples of these tools are:

  • IDA Pro: This is a powerful and professional disassembler and debugger tool that can handle various executable formats, including EX4 files. It can also decompile some code on processor level and produce pseudo-code in C-like language.

  • NSA Ghidra: This is a free and open source reverse engineering tool developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States. It can also disassemble and decompile various executable formats, including EX4 files.

However, these tools require advanced technical skills and knowledge to use them effectively. They may also produce incomplete or obfuscated code that is difficult to understand or modify. Therefore, they are not recommended for beginners or casual users.

Manual Methods

These are methods that involve manually analyzing an executable file using various techniques such as hex editing, debugging, patching, etc. They require a lot of time and effort, but they may produce better results than automated tools in some cases.

One of the manual methods that you can try is to use a hex editor to view and edit the binary data of an EX4 file. A hex editor is a software application that can display and modify the hexadecimal values of any file. You can use a hex editor to find and replace some strings or values in an EX4 file, such as the name, the version, the license, etc.

However, using a hex editor requires a lot of caution and attention to detail. You should always make a backup copy of your original EX4 file before editing it. You should also know what you are looking for and what you are changing in the file. Otherwise, you may end up corrupting or damaging the file and making it unusable.

Another manual method that you can try is to use a debugger to run and analyze an EX4 file. A debugger is a software application that can execute a program step by step and monitor its behavior and performance. You can use a debugger to trace the execution flow of an EX4 file and see how it interacts with MT4 and other programs.

However, using a debugger also requires some technical skills and knowledge. You should know how to set breakpoints, watch variables, inspect memory, etc. You should also be familiar with the assembly language and the instruction set of the processor that runs the EX4 file. Otherwise, you may not be able to understand or interpret the code that you see in the debugger.

A third manual method that you can try is to use a patcher to modify or remove some features or functions of an EX4 file. A patcher is a software application that can apply or create patches for any file. A patch is a small piece of code that can change or fix some parts of a file. You can use a patcher to disable or bypass some protection or verification mechanisms in an EX4 file, such as the expiration date, the account number, the broker name, etc.

However, using a patcher also requires some caution and skill. You should always make a backup copy of your original EX4 file before patching it. You should also know what you are patching and what the consequences are. Otherwise, you may end up breaking or altering the functionality of the file and causing unexpected results.

As you can see, decompiling EX4 to MQ4 files is not an easy or simple task. It involves a lot of risks and challenges that may prevent you from achieving your goal or cause you more problems. Therefore, you should always think twice before you decide to decompile an EX4 file and weigh the pros and cons carefully.

If you are looking for a more reliable and ethical way to access the source code of your MT4 programs, you should consider hiring a professional MQL4/MQL5 programmer who can create or modify your EAs, indicators, scripts and other custom programs according to your specifications and needs. You can find many qualified and experienced programmers online who can offer you high-quality and affordable services.

Alternatively, you can also learn how to code in MQL4/MQL5 yourself and create your own programs from scratch. There are many resources and tutorials available online that can teach you the basics and advanced concepts of MQL4/MQL5 programming. You can also join some forums and communities where you can interact with other programmers and traders who can help you with your questions and problems.

By learning how to code in MQL4/MQL5, you will not only be able to access the source code of your MT4 programs, but also be able to customize them to suit your trading style and strategy. You will also be able to create new and innovative programs that can enhance your trading performance and results. You will also gain more confidence and satisfaction in your trading career.


In this article, we have shown you how to crack the code of decompiling EX4 to MQ4 files using some tools and methods available online. We have also explained the risks and challenges involved in this process and the legal and ethical implications of doing so. We have also suggested some alternative ways to access the source code of your MT4 programs, such as hiring a professional programmer or learning how to code yourself.

We hope that this article has been helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and happy trading! d282676c82!NEW!.md


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