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Bro Code Ebook Epub Download

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Bro Code Ebook Epub Download

Above is a video explaining the basics of ebook publishing, formatting and conversion. The video below will show you how to convert from Word (.docx) to epub and mobi formats with my free ebook conversion tool.

"Ebooks" are digital versions of your book that can be read on tablets and smartphones. Most ebook stores use a file format called "epub" - but Amazon/Kindle uses a slightly modified file format called "mobi." Most bookstore chains have their own ereader device and their own bookstore; but some companies like Smashwords, BookBaby, and Lulu offer "distribution" - which means they'll send your ebook out to all the online retailers and keep track of sales for you.

This is so people using various ereaders can set their own options, change the fonts and text size, to make the reading experience suit their preferences. To achieve this, ebook formats use something very similar to html code. While you don't really need to learn this code, it will help if you need to fine tune the details.

When I first started learning ebook formatting, it was frustrating. I was trying to approach it like a print book, and insert images and special designs, and fixed fonts. While this can be done, my complex code would look fine on Kindle or Barnes & Noble but might like strange on Kobo.

A lot of ebook formatters may take issue at my first two suggestions - they aren't the best way to make ebooks and the code may not be super clean. But for Kindle and the majority of ebook viewers, the files will work just fine. Plus, simple is better. 1e1e36bf2d


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