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The meaning of Bear Market in India – A bear market in India is a period of time in which the stock market is in decline. It is characterized by a prolonged period of falling stock prices, a decrease in investor confidence, and a general lack of enthusiasm for investing in the stock market.

A bear market in India is typically defined as a period of at least a 20% decline in the Sensex, the main stock market index. This decline usually occurs over a period of several months, but can sometimes last for a year or more. During this time, stock prices tend to fall at a faster rate than usual, and investors become increasingly cautious about investing in the stock market.

The causes of a bear market in India can vary. Commonly, a bear market is triggered by a combination of factors, such as a weak economy, a decline in corporate earnings, or a decrease in investor confidence. In some cases, a bear market can be caused by a single event, such as a natural disaster or a political crisis.

During a bear market, investors tend to become more conservative in their investments, and many investors choose to move their money into more secure investments, such as bonds or cash. At the same time, many investors choose to take a “wait and see” approach, waiting for the market to recover before investing again.

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