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Tranny Tv

* reviews of other books and magazines about "the scene" Annual highlights include "Foto Feature," introducing tranny scene photographer Debbie Humphry; "Alternative View," which looks at the tranny scene from the eyes of a "real girlie" who is also a New York drag queen; and the useful editorial feature Way Out of the Closet a 66-page section full of advice to help trannies-in-training get the best from the scene, including a full-color, step-by-step makeup lesson and the diary of a year's laser hair removal treatments. The Tranny Guide is a travel guide and a psychology and media reference, in addition to being an intriguing open door to the very wide world of cross-dressing and transgender interests.

As per a source news about this TV star's sexploits in Indonesia is the hottest piece of gossip in the TV industry right now. The TV star in question had sex with a tranny in Indonesia. After a night of love-making, the tranny did the unthinkable the next day morning. Instead of slyly getting out of the TV star's hotel room, the tranny did a IG live with her followers from the hotel room, wherein they mentioned how much fun it was to have sex with a Indian TV star. The TV star who was sleeping when the IG live happened was also seen on it!

Big Sister Davina McCall filled us in as the multi-pierced peroxide-blond former basketballer and wrestler, Dennis Rodman, exited his limo and entered the house (in men's clothes, sadly, rather than the crack-whore duds he seems to favour on his tranny days). He'd been partying at Stringfellows - of course - until the early hours. He'd brought extra large condoms and no underwear. He made his first movie with Mickey Rourke and Jean Claude Van Damme, which tells you all you need to know about his post-basketball movie career. He's also known as "Worm", apparently because, like a ringworm, he gets under your skin. 781b155fdc


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