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Orange Vbs Download

Orange VBS/Download: How to Download and Use the Orange Vacation Bible School Program

If you are looking for a fun, engaging, and impactful way to teach kids about Jesus, you might want to consider using the Orange Vacation Bible School (VBS) program. In this article, we will explain what Orange VBS is, how to download it, and how to use it for your next VBS event.

What is Orange VBS?

Orange VBS is a digital VBS program that provides everything you need to create the very best summer for kids, volunteers, and parents. It is developed by Orange, a ministry that helps churches influence the next generation by combining the light of the church (yellow) and the love of the family (red) into a vibrant orange color.

orange vbs download

Orange VBS is based on a simple but powerful theme: Ready, Set, Move. It encourages kids to follow Jesus here, there, and everywhere by doing what he says, believing who he is, loving who he loves, sharing what he did, and going where he leads. Using examples from across the New Testament, such as the resurrection, Paul's conversion, and Pentecost, kids will learn to move forward in their own journey of faith.

The benefits of Orange VBS

Orange VBS has many benefits for your church and your community, such as:

  • It saves you time, money, and stress by providing a complete program with all the tools, resources, and materials you need.

  • It adapts to any group size, environment, and budget, so you can host VBS in any format that suits your needs.

  • It impacts the life of each kid, volunteer, and parent by delivering impactful Bible stories, fun rotations, engaging worship programs, and mission ideas.

  • It connects with kids where they are by offering age-appropriate curriculum for preschoolers, elementary students, and preteens.

  • It supports kids with special needs by providing adaptations for every child.

The features of Orange VBS

Orange VBS includes many features that make it easy and enjoyable to use, such as:

  • VBS Director Plans that guide you through every step of planning and executing your VBS event.

  • Large Group Experience that uses teaching scripts and videos for your host segments and storyteller. You can create a live drama production or use the video option that's included.

  • Small Group Experience that builds faith in the context of a relationship. It includes daily small group activities for each age group that help kids apply the Bible story to their lives.

  • Rotation Station Plans that include craft, music, snack, game, and mission stations with activities appropriate for each age group.

  • Worship Music Files that get kids, students, and even volunteers dancing and singing along with catchy songs.

  • Graphics and SFX that enhance your presentation with eye-catching visuals and sound effects.

  • Bonus Product Samples that give you a glimpse at all the additional items available for purchase, such as leader t-shirts, temporary tattoos, lanyards, sunglasses, buttons, and more.

How to download Orange VBS?

To download Orange VBS, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1 Step 1: Visit the Orange VBS website

The first thing you need to do is to visit the and explore the different options available. You can watch a video overview of the program, read testimonials from other churches, and browse the FAQs section. You can also sign up for a free trial to get access to some of the digital materials and see how they work.

Step 2: Choose your VBS kit

The next thing you need to do is to choose your VBS kit. There are two types of kits available: the digital kit and the physical kit. The digital kit includes all the digital materials you need to host your VBS event, such as the director plans, large group experience, small group experience, rotation station plans, worship music files, graphics and SFX, and bonus product samples. The physical kit includes all the digital materials plus some physical items, such as leader guides, leader t-shirts, student activity books, student t-shirts, and more. You can also customize your physical kit by adding or removing items as you wish.

The price of the digital kit is $249 and the price of the physical kit starts at $299. You can order your kit online or by phone. You can also pay in installments if you prefer.

Step 3: Activate your digital materials

Once you order your kit, you will receive an email with a link to activate your digital materials. You will need to create an account on the Orange VBS website and enter your activation code. This will give you access to all the digital materials that are included in your kit. You can download them to your computer or access them online anytime.

Step 4: Download the files to your computer

The final step is to download the files to your computer. You can do this by clicking on the download button next to each file on the Orange VBS website. You will need to have enough storage space on your computer or an external drive to store all the files. The total size of the files is about 10 GB. You can also use a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive to store and share your files.

How to use Orange VBS?

Now that you have downloaded Orange VBS, you are ready to use it for your VBS event. Here are some steps to help you use it effectively:

Step 1: Plan your VBS event

The first step is to plan your VBS event. You will need to decide on some important details, such as:

  • The date and time of your event

  • The location and format of your event (in-person, online, or hybrid)

  • The number and age of your participants

  • The budget and resources for your event

  • The theme and message of your event

  • The goals and outcomes of your event

You can use the VBS Director Plans that are included in your kit to help you plan your event. They provide a timeline, a checklist, a budget template, a registration form, a volunteer application form, and more.

Step 2: Recruit and train your volunteers

The next step is to recruit and train your volunteers. You will need volunteers for various roles, such as:

  • VBS director

  • Large group host

  • Large group storyteller

  • Small group leader

  • Rotation station leader

  • Worship leader

  • Mission leader

  • Registration team

  • Security team

  • Decorating team

  • Cleaning team

  • Snack team

  • Media team

  • Special needs team

You can use the volunteer application form that is included in your kit to recruit volunteers. You can also use social media, email, phone calls, announcements, flyers, posters, and word-of-mouth to spread the word.

You can use the leader guides that are included in your kit to train your volunteers. They provide detailed instructions, tips, scripts, and activities for each role. You can also use the training videos that are available on the Orange VBS website. You should schedule at least one training session before your event and one debrief session after your event.

Step 3: Decorate your venue

The third step is to decorate your venue. You will need to create a fun and inviting environment that matches the theme of Ready, Set, Move. You can use the decorating guide that is included in your kit to get some ideas and instructions. You can also use the graphics and SFX that are included in your kit to create banners, posters, signs, and backdrops. You can also use your own creativity and imagination to add some personal touches.

Some of the decorating ideas that you can use are:

  • Create a starting line and a finish line with tape, rope, or chalk.

  • Hang flags, pennants, or streamers in different colors.

  • Use cardboard boxes, paint, and duct tape to make cars, bikes, scooters, or skateboards.

  • Use balloons, paper plates, and markers to make traffic signs and signals.

  • Use inflatable pools, beach balls, umbrellas, and towels to create a beach scene.

  • Use cardboard tubes, paper cups, and string to make rockets, planes, or helicopters.

  • Use maps, globes, suitcases, and stickers to create a travel theme.

Step 4: Lead the large group and small group experiences

The fourth step is to lead the large group and small group experiences. You will need to divide your participants into small groups according to their age and assign them a small group leader. You will also need to designate a large group area where all the small groups can gather for the large group experience.

The large group experience is where you introduce the theme, the Bible story, the memory verse, and the bottom line for each day. You can use the teaching scripts and videos that are included in your kit for your host segments and storyteller. You can also use the worship music files that are included in your kit for your worship program. You can create a live drama production or use the video option that's included.

The small group experience is where you help kids apply the Bible story to their lives. You can use the daily small group activities that are included in your kit for each age group. They include games, crafts, discussions, prayers, and more. You can also use the student activity books that are included in your kit or available for purchase. They provide fun puzzles, coloring pages, stickers, and more.

Step 5: Engage the parents and families

The fifth step is to engage the parents and families of your participants. You will need to communicate with them before, during, and after your event. You can use the parent resources that are included in your kit or available f


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